Buster was ADOPTED!!! Buster boy has found his perfect match with his furever family.  As soon as Bill And Laura met Buster last week they knew he was one even if he was a bit shy.  You could tell he was more relaxed today and ready to leave with his parents and start the rest of his life.  Buster will want for nothing and will be spoiled beyond belief like any bulldog should be.  He already has a new kennel, new fluffy bed, toys, bones and treats waiting for him at his new home.  Of course he took a few of his favorite things with him including a small peice of his foster families heart.  Happy tails sweet Buster boy.  His new mommy’s bag said all that needs to be said “Best Day Ever!” Indeed it is for Buster and the Wade family

Buster joined rescue today as an owner surrender. Buster’s family has had major life changes and unable to provide Buster with the life he deserves.   Buster will be making a stop at the clinic to get neutered and medication for his dry eye.  Once that is complete, he will be joining his foster family and begin his search for new forever family

11/8/2015 Update:  Sweet Buster boy joined rescue this week and is starting to settle in with us and show his personality.  It is hard to not be immediately smitten with him and his cute little wrinkled up squishy face.  So far he is a very sweet boy that started off a little timid and scared but slowly we have gained his trust and he has settled in.  He spends his days laying around taking a nap, playing with his favorite toys and coming over for some love and pets.  In typical bulldog style, this sweet boy loves his treats and meal times.

Buster does not seem to know many verbal commands but he will come when you call him and he walks great on a leash.  He is also crate trained and potty trained.  He does sometimes like to mark the common area dog beds but I’m sure this is just him wanting to claim them all because they are just so comfy.  I’m confident he will stop doing this with time but for now we have just removed the shared the dog beds and no more problems!  
So far, he does pretty well with the other dogs and seems to enjoy playing with them from time to time.  He occasionally isn’t so keen on sharing his favorite toys but he will share.  He just makes it vocally known that he didn’t want to share and will wait for just the right opportunity to snatch his toy back.  
He has the absolute cutest little tail wag when he is excited and when we talk to him.  He loves people and does great with kids.  There is not too much to complain about when it comes to Buster and I think he would be a great addition to just about any family.

11/15/2015 Update:  Buster is really starting to open up to us and come out of shell.  He is sweet little guy that has a cute little personality.  He is hanging with us more and more instead of choosing to lie on the outer edges of the room we are in.  We can tell he is feeling much better and he is starting to relax and trust us.  He and his foster brother Rocco are best buds.  They have decided they like to do just about everything together.  They play together, walk around together and for the past few days have decided they must sleep together.

This week he got to help celebrate his foster brother Rocco’s 1st birthday.  He got really excited about getting a pupcake and was really happy that Rocco would share his new toy with him.  The two of them played with the new toy off and on all night until they both were completely exhausted and couldn’t play anymore.
Buster is not an overly active boy but he is starting to get more exercise than he would probably choose on his own and I think it is making him feel much better.  He was pretty out of shape so the exercise is doing him some good and he has even dropped a few pounds.  I can tell his stamina is increasing which is good since he likes to play.  More stamina means more play time!
Busters ideal family would be a little slower paced that will be patient with him as he settles in.  Loud noises and conflict of any kind scare him and he will go to another room until you call him back out.  He is such a sweet boy that just melts your heart with his adorabull tail wag and big brown eyes.