Callie is an adorable 2 year old in perfect health who was dropped by a local shelter. Luckily, they called us and knew that we would be able to find her a perfect forever home.

Callie has been staying in a foster home with another dog and has gotten along beautifully. She’s extremely submissive, but definitely looks forward to breakfast and dinner time. Dogs and humans better not stand in her way! She is now fed separately from the other dog. She is food motivated and has learned quickly given the proper motivation.

Callie gets along well with the kids, but she can be a jumper. However, more than anything else… She’s a lover. She will search the house out to find anyone willing to pet her or simply lay down next to anyone wherever they are laying down. This can include the floor, but her favorite place is the couch.

She hasn’t had any accidents in the house, but she has been known to have accidents over night in the crate. This is easily remedied by taking her out right before bed and first thing in the morning. Speaking of the crate, she will bark if she suspects that you are somewhere around the house which can include the wee hours of the morning.

Besides snuggling every moment of the day, she also enjoys toys. She doesn’t care what they look like, but give her a toy and a snuggly place and she’ll chew to her hearts content. More likely than not, she’ll bring it over, snuggle into you, then fall asleep as you pet her. She’s pretty predictable.

Callie would work best in a house that has time to give her love. She craves attention, but more than anything just wants to be next to you and provide you companionship.

Callie is spayed, current on vaccinations and on a heartworm preventive. Callie’s adoption fee is $600.