I want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping me start a new life. I am so thankful there are nice people in this world! My new parents drove all the way from Tomball, Texas… I’m not sure where that is, but it sounds amazing! I now have a mom, dad and a fur sister named Sadie. They bought me a new tie and I heard I get to meet a lot of new family for Christmas. I’m in heaven because I love people and now I’m getting all the loving!

Please welcome Canyon to our rescue family! F He’s super sweet and quite the humper! 😆 We heard a few different stories on how he ended up in the shelter, but none of that matters now because he’s with our fabulous group of volunteers. He has huge feet and the average issues with his eyes, ears, tail pocket and skin… but now, Dr. Larsen will get him all fixed up. He has a HUGE personality and walks great on a leash. Canyon is about 5-6 years old and is a handsome man who will make someone fabulously happy!

10/22/19 Update:  Canyon is my name, but everyone in rescue calls me Mr. Handsome. I don’t know how a handsome man like me ended up in the shelter, but that’s all behind me now. I’m with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and I am a happy man!

I was a mess when I got here. Ears, eyes, tail and skin all infected and inflamed. From head to tail, something needed fixing. As soon as I arrived, Dr. Larsen’s sweet peeps began working on me. I am feeling so much better. Now that I have the right care, I will start putting on weight and become the big, strong, muscular man I once was.

I am a very happy and sweet guy. Even with my medical issues, I never let them get me down. I love, love, love people and I like other dogs.
I do have one bad habit though… I love to hump. I thought I was showing love, but now everyone is telling me it’s not a polite thing to do. It’s really not my fault, because until now, no one ever told me it was bad manners. I am learning I will get love and attention without having to be so forceful. I’m doing much, much better, but like any bad habit, it takes time to change.

I’m about 5 years old and I have a big, beautiful head and great big feet. I also have a big heart! I’m very playful and love being outside. I walk on my leash like a pro. I’m an all around great Bulldog!

11/20/19 Update:  Canyon checking in! You haven’t heard from me in a while because I have been enjoying my time with my rescue family. I’ve found so much love here and I’m feeling so much better than when I arrived. My eyes, ears, tail and skin have all been cleared up. The bad news is we learned I have heartworms. So, I’ve started my heartworm treatment. After that’s completed, I will be good as new and ready for my foster home.

Even with all the health issues I‘ve had, I’m still a very happy boy. I’ve learned a lot of manners since I’ve been here. The HUMPING is gone! I realized humping is exhausting, so now I show my love in different ways. Manners are so much more relaxing.

Mr. Handsome is my nickname here. At first, I didn’t understand why they named me that. Now, I’m feeling handsome, confident and ready for my forever family to find me. I am the perfect Bulldog age (about 5-6 years), so I’m past the puppy years, but still love to run and play.

I haven’t had my own family in a very long time. During my time alone, I have saved up all my love for my new family. If you can stand that much love, I’M YOUR MAN!

Canyon checking out!

12/18/19 Update:  It’s Christmas time and I’m Canyon or Mr. Handsome, whichever you prefer. I like both. Canyon is a strong name. It makes me feel like I can take on the world. Mr. Handsome? Well, that name just makes me feel darn good! I’ve come a long way since the shelter days. From a Bulldog without a home or love, to a Bulldog with a cozy bed and people that love and care for me. I like this life better.

I’m finishing up my last heartworm treatments this month. Then I will be on 30-days of bed rest. I will then move into my foster home for that. Hopefully, my bed rest will be in my foster parents’ bed with an electric blanket. A guy can dream, can’t he?

I had my Christmas photos taken last week. I was the best Bulldog of the day. I know because they told me so. I sat like a good boy and let them take as many as they wanted and I ate all my treats. They had a squeaky toy that interested me a lot. I may need to put one of those on my Santa Paws list. I also got to sit in a lady’s lap afterward. She gave good ear rubs.

I’m a quiet guy who loves just being with you. Sitting on the couch or in the recliner eating potato chips is great with me. I’ll lay in the garage while you work on your motorcycle. I’ll ride in the front seat when you go to the store or pick up the kids. I don’t care what we do, if it’s with you. I could even share you with a skin or fur brother or sister. That would be more family to love.

After my bed rest, I’m going to start coming to the events as I’ll be part of picking out my new family. I’ll soon be feeling great and healthy. My foster parents will tell you about all my wonderful qualities and you will also see how Mr. Handsome got his name. I can’t wait to meet you!

Hope Santa brings you lots of presents and me that squeaky toy!