Charlie Reese

Charlie Reese

Charlie Reese here reporting that I now reside in the great state of Louisiana!  My fur sister is Dottie and I just love her! I get to hang out in the shop and there’s always someone home with us! Can you believe they drove all the way from LA to get me!??

I’m still a little grumpy but so is Dottie and mom says we compliment each other.  Thanks to all who helped me find my new forever!  Love, Charlie

Have you ever heard of Charlie’s Angels? Well my name is Charlie Reese and I have three very special angels. That’s why they named me Charlie.

I was found wandering by one, then she introduced me to the other two. My three angels spent days doing everything they could to find my owners. I have a microchip, but it was never registered. They took me to the vet for all my shots, a checkup and a nice bath.

When they could not find my owner they did the next best thing—they contacted bulldog rescue. I am about three-and-a-half years old. As you can see I have two bad cherry eyes. I also have some nasty looking crusty growths on my back. What you can’t see is that I have heart worms that will need to be treated. I love to sit and shake hands and I am very polite.

I am looking for another angel family to adopt me. It doesn’t have to be three this time—one will do!  Will you be my forever angel?

4/27/21 Update:  I “broke out” of the vet clinic last week and have been settling into my foster home. 🙂

Doc told my foster mom that I have some worms or something so I have to rest a lot. I hate it. I just want to explore and play.
I have found so many balls in the house. If there is a ball somewhere, I will find it. And if I can’t reach it myself, I will bark at my foster mom until she gets it for me. But she keeps making me rest. She says it’s for my own good, as I need to get all better and find my furever home.
I hope I get better soon because I’m tired of all this rest and relaxation. Stay tuned for more updates!
6/28/21 Update:  I’m settling into my foster home well and I’m great with the resident dogs, cats and chickens here at the farm.
I also have protected the humans from their vacuum and their water hose. I went ahead and destroyed the water hose so it wouldn’t get anyone else wet or make that hissing noise. Apparently, Foster Dad isn’t thrilled about that, but Foster Mom says they needed a new one anyway. I’ll be on the lookout for that one.
I love all toys and like to see them all over the floor. All of them. I’m great in my kennel at night and I only potty outside.
I’m ready for my forever home, in case you know of anyone looking for a fun, beefy Bulldog who can help with “housekeeping.”
7/3/21 Update:  This guy is by far the most ornery Bulldog we’ve experienced! Charlie loves mostly to sleep on the outdoor furniture. When he’s not getting his beauty rest, he’s attacking garden hoses, vacuums and lawn mowers. We’ve discussed it and he’s decided he doesn’t care what we think. ALL the toys are Charlie’s. This guy is harmless, grouchy and super funny! We hope you have a great holiday!

7/12/21 Update:  Thought I’d let you know I’m still amazing. I don’t potty in the house. I sleep like an angel in my kennel and I love to play with my toys.

I’m also grouchy and growly. I’m really more similar to a guy named Archie Bunker, says Foster Mom. I am getting a little more tolerant of all the things that make me grouchy, like medicine, baths and going where I’m asked to go. I still don’t like garden hoses or anything that makes noise and goes fast.
This weekend, I met the resident girl pig that lives here and except for resembling her just a bit, I really don’t think I care if she’s around or not. Foster Mom says that’s good because Rosie out weighs me.
I’m taking lots of baths and mostly sleeping when I’m not being grumpy. Ya’ll have a great week.