Charlie was ADOPTED!!! Charlie has found a family that knows his “unique” personality and they have embraced him. He will be treated like royalty as he joins his siblings. Congrats to the entire family.

Charlie is a 6 yr. old male that weighs approximately 70lbs.  He is an owner surrender that recently joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue. Charlie is best suited for a male household with previous bulldog experience.

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, please fill out an application.  More information will be posted on Charlie as updates become available from his foster family.

5/24/2015 Update: Charlie had a amazing week !  Not one growl, one stare down, or one ugly moment. Charlie will make a adult only family a great addition.  Charlie likes his bones and his toys to chew on, what he does not like is for you to try and take them from him. He will and does growl.  Adult only family for Charlie!

5/31/2015 Update: 80lbs of bulldog is Charlie. Charlie has had a perfect week, putting the balls and toys away not giving him any reason to growl has been perfect for Charlie. For a adult family that wants a solid block of a bulldog Charlie is a EASY bulldog. Completely potty trained, sleeps on a dog bed and causes zero problems.

6/7/2015 Update Charlie takes one step forward and 2 back.  This week instead of obsessing over a baseball it was a pillow. Charlie loved that pillow.  If I even looked at him while he had his feet on it he would raise his eyebrow and growl. Lucky for Charlie that I feel like their is a bulldog savy adult family out their that will understand his quirks and love him for them. All he needs is a family that understand if Charlie has his feet or his mouth on it to let him have it.  Charlie is NOT mean in any way, just very possessive if he has it. This is a game that Charlie’s owner played with him, that thought was funny, until Charlie grew up to weight 70lbs and not so funny anymore.

6/21/2015 Update: Charlie has a few triggers that can make him act out on occasion and they are still toys, food and anything he lays on. But Charlie can be a Saint  also.  It is a game to Charlie and one some one played with him all his life. Charlie loves to carry things around in his mouth and if you don’t try and take it from him he starts to nudge you and bump you to make you notice he has something. Once Charlie realizes your not going to play that game with him he losses interest and just drops it. Charlie is slowly becoming a favorite with his personality. Charlie has a family out their,  and he will find them.

6/28/2015 Update: Charlie’s looking great these days.  His fur has improved with medicated baths and his scratching has stopped with using Benadryl and his eyes have stopped watering. Charlie is a project bulldog that has a few triggers such as toys and beds and anything he thinks is his. Charlie would do best in a home with adults only and bulldog experience. To know Charlie is to love him. He is 70lbs of happy bulldog 90% of the time.!

7/5/2015 Update: I am seeing improvement in Charlie !  Charlie has less interest in coveting the things he wants as his.  Now Charlie will play with bones or balls for awhile then walk away and find something else.  I do think some day Charlie will be able to be adopted to a kid free family !

8/2/2015 Update: My sweet Charlie is making progress by leaps and bounds.  Happy to report Charlie has been perfect all week without once trying to bite me when I needed him to move or put up his toys. Charlie will always need a bulldog savvy family that are kid free, but he has come a really long way in learning how to behave !