It was a joy today to watch Cheyanne begin a new life with a family to call her own. She’s off to San Angelo with a furever mum, dad, and two young skin brothers. And bonus: her new sis will be LSBCR alumna Mia, who she’s already met and become buds with. This is exactly the type of lively home I’d hoped for Cheyanne, and I couldn’t be happier for her. It was a pleasure sharing my home with the happy little girl.

At the age of 3, please welcome one of the cutest, sweetest, happiest and funniest ladies this rescue group has ever had! Cheyanne has NEVER met a stranger and loves everyone and everything. And sitting in your lap is what she loves the most! Cheyanne calls herself “thick,” but she has a waist line and when she walks, she wiggles all over.

11/12/17 Update:  I’m a bubbly, happy little girl! I’m still new to rescue, but have settled nicely into my foster home. I have a foster brother named Nate, and we’ve already become best buds, even if we’re polar opposites. He’s a quiet, elderly chap, while I’m young and love motion! Well, I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. You’ll be hearing more about me in the coming days!

11/26/17 Update:  See me in my photos? I’m a contortionist. And I’m very cool for it. Foster mum laughs at my poses. I squat and sit like a frog, can do some serious downward dogs when petted, and I even like to lay funny. I’m a very happy little girl. I’m easy going and don’t get upset about much of anything. I love my walks and also fetching those round, bouncing yellow things foster mum calls a ball. Just being around people brings me happiness so I’d love to find a forever family who’d involve me in their daily routines as much as possible. I can stay behind in a crate well enough, but it’s a little boring for us active Bulldogs.

I love my furmate here in the house. I like to chill with him. He ever saunters into my crate, which is fine with me. I love the company. I stay off the furniture when you tell me ‘no’, but somehow I managed to get foster mum to start saying ‘OK.’ Awesome! She says I’m just too cute to resist, especially when I cuddle. And I like to cuddle because I’m an affectionate little thing. I have a meet-and-greet this coming week, and I’m so excited! Keep fingers and paws crossed for me that it goes well. Until next time, WOOF!