Christy Abby Lou

Christy Abby Lou

The moment Christy Abby Lou saw her new family drive up to our house, she knew… That was her family!

It was a perfect match for such a wonderful dog. We are so excited she is now part of a terrific family that she can call her own!

Happy trails, Christy Abby Lou!

This summer, I’m bound and determined to get myself to a pool. Before you even think it, let me just say it: I may be a little “thick,” but that can’t stop me from donning a two-piece bathing suit. In fact, I’ve been told this smoking hot body is worthy of even an itty bitty bikini.

But first, I have a problem that needs to be fixed. I can’t breathe! That’s right… I kind of gasp to breathe when I get excited or when I take off running. And when I moved to Texas, I found the air to be kind of thick… thick like I turn purple when it’s hot. I’m hearing now that I was born with an elongated soft palate. It also makes me rattle the walls when I snore.

So, you see, I joined rescue because I really need a surgery to help me breathe. That way, I can go outside and hang with my friends by the pool and, you know, show off my bod.

I am going to sit in Dr. Lay’s lap and let him look down my throat. I expect him to fall in love with me … everyone does. So, please watch my progress as I have the surgery to help me breathe and then prepare for my itty bitty bikini!

6/17/20 Update:  Christy has been with us for nearly 2 weeks and she is very sweet. She loves people, but does have some puppy tendencies, such as chewing. She is a very goofy, high-energy girl, who is pretty-close to being potty trained. She gets along well with dogs unless they get in her space.

6/24/20 Update:  Christy knows how to relax! She started her day practicing yoga and finished it snuggling with Foster Pops.