Cora was ADOPTED!!!!! Sweet Cora found her furever home today! Robert, Vanessa, Krystopher and Aiden have a new snuggle-bug for life <3 The shy Miss Cora was so excited to see little ones that an impromptu game of follow-the-leader broke out as she did everything possible to stay close to Krys & Aiden. Gentle kisses and big smiles worked their magic, and everyone decided that this angel baby was officially part of the family. After pictures and goodbyes, Cora embarked on a road trip to her new home where she gets to sleep in bed with the kiddos and chase the resident kitty kitty. Happily Ever After indeed!

Cora is a 4 yr. old female that weighs 45lbs.

Another precious bully has joined LSBCR. Please extend your warmest welcomes to Cora (formerly Fiona #2, formerly Tequila). Cora was part of an owner surrender duo, and her brother Paxton (no relation) is staying with Margaret. Cora and her brother were well loved, but as sometimes happens the family they knew broke up. By no fault of their own, Cora & Paxton found  themselves in need of a new home. A family friend was able to take them in temporarily, but costs and care of bully babies made it obvious that a more suitable furever home was needed.

Miss Cora is quite the shy gal at first, very polite and submissive as she bows her pretty little head down. However, once she’s decided that your intentions are honorable, her inner sassy-pants comes out and she proceeds to let you know exactly how much attention she needs. Cora seems to do great with other dogs and hasn’t shown any interest in kitties. She sat very pretty during bath time and has kept all her potty business outside where it belongs (so far). Cora is a new addition to our foster family so we have not seen her around kids yet, but her sweet and loving disposition makes us think she will do just fine. Whenever she wants lovin or something that you have she will let you know with little paw taps and a big smile. Cora craves a buddy, either human or puppy form. Although she is content to chill by herself if needed, she would much rather be close by in case impromptu belly rubs break out.

7/18/2015 Update: Sweet Miss Cora has adapted very quickly to her foster family and shows a little more spunk every day. She wants to be as close by as possible, and believes that lying on top of you in some way offers the best opportunity for love. Cora is a follower by nature, whether human or a furry brother/sister, and seeks out companionship. A sweetheart in all ways possible, Cora has no trouble winning people over with snuggles and mini kisses.

Tomorrow is the big day, Cora will have her corkscrew tail removed! After that uncomfortable thing is gone and she is all healed up, she will be ready to shower her new family with endless love and devotion.

7/25/2015 Update: Sweet Miss Cora had a ruff week! On Monday she had her tail removed, and although it was an itchy and infected mess, it was her tail and she was a little sad when it was gone. It felt so nice to get rid of the irritation (and smell), but Cora worried that she might not look as cute without a tail. Her foster brother & sister tried to help her see that was NONSENSE, but she felt a small pity party was necessary just the same. Can you help Cora find her smile again?!? Apply to be her furever family today and show her that true love is possible, tail or no tail <3.

8/2/2015 Update: Cora had a fantastic week! Not only did she finally decide that being tail-less is totally IN fashion (who needs that stinky thing anyways), but she went on a fun car ride to see her BFFs at Dr. W’s office, got all her stitches out, and was cleared for water activities–Bring on the Pool Parties!

Cora’s foster sister taught her how to stay cool in this crazy Texas heat by taking a refreshing dip in the bully-pool, followed by lounging on a beach chair to perfect her summer tan (no lines). After a relaxing massage (aka towel dry), the polite Miss Cora wiped her paws before retreating to the sanctuary of AC and belly rubs on demand.