Corey has made it! Our cantankerous Corey has been adopted by a long-time supporter of our rescue. Corey was and is a very special lil’ dude. He will be loved and cared for by his new bully brother, Brutus, and dad Carter.

I know these things happen, but I never thought it would happen to me. My family always loved me. But they were displaced from our home and had no where to go. I told them I would go join rescue and they would not have to worry about taking care of me when they had no home.

My name is Corey and I am 2 years old. I am a little thin and I have some bad spots on my skin where my hair is all gone. We never could figure out what caused it or what to do. So I will be spending some time with the nice ladies at the clinic for spa treatments and a little surgery. They said they would give me plenty to eat!

I love kids and other dogs and love to play with them. I am not a fan of sudden or loud noises. So I will hang out at the clinic until I feel better and then I will be ready and eager to find my next home. I sure hope my old family makes it.

7/3/20 Update:  At this time, we are living in his world: “The World According to Corey.” His antics have us laughing and his manic foster mom’s words have been “Corey, stop. Come. Stop. OK, fine. Corey. Corey. COREY!”

Corey decided to skip that second nap he usually takes after a well-balanced breakfast and dive right into the sprinklers. He even sat on it! The World According to Corey.

Volume down if you don’t want to hear the choir clap or “Corey. Corey. COREY!”


7/14/20 Update:   I have been a busy body… so I’ve been told. You see, I got this need to check things out and I sometimes get myself stuck. You know, like going up the stairs and somehow get stuck at the top. It doesn’t look the same going down. You’ve been there, right? Or possibly falling in between the bed and bench. Geez, we’ve all done that, right?

8/2/20 Update:  When Corey joined rescue in June, he had some bald spots (alopecia) that needed our attention. There is some improvement and we are hoping the hair will grow back. He gets two weekly medicated baths and some ointment/cream for those areas. As I was told by a 5-year-old, Corey’s small hairless areas “FEEL LIKE A SEAL’S SKIN” (I cannot validate that statement because I personally have never touched a seal.. LOL). To protect Corey’s skin from the sun, we either put him in tanks, shirts or sometimes neck covers for his cowl neck. He loves the extra attention.

Corey has been great with the other fur babies in our home, but this Tuesday, he will be introduced to “Doggie Daycare” ~ a 30-minute introduction to a large group setting of 6-10 pups.
He is good with people, but is a little timid at first. He does like to jump and he will do this sometimes after he meets new people. He is good with kids, but he will need to be with a family whose kids are older and can control the jumping.
He doesn’t like loud noises, such as vacuums, hair dryers, etc. Our Roomba (RIP) had no chance against this lil’ guy.
He does love to chase and play rough with the other pups and if they quit before he is ready to, he will bark, bark, bark, bark for more playtime.
He is potty trained and does well on a leash. We are working on his behavior (jumping, commands, etc.). He will NOT eat or take a treat from your hand, nor the floor ~ he ONLY eats what is in his bowl. Corey is so regimented about his twice a day meal times ~ he won’t eat anything in between.
Enjoy the movie clip of Corey and his new friend, the “Chuck It Fetch Ball.”
8/10/20 Update:  My foster sis decided to take me for a car ride. Hanging out with her was fun! I got ride to ride in the front seat and jam to some good country music… good times.
Corey in da … bed. Say whaat?! That’s right. You see, I’m a routine kind of guy. I get up early, even when others don’t, and I will pester you to feed me or to take me outside to do my thing so I can stay on my schedule. So, to my future FOREVER family, if you ARE out there reading this and checking out my cuteness, this is pretty much what you will get.
From his foster mom: He usually doesn’t get on the beds without an invitation, but it was Friday and he was ready to get his weekend on … or really needed to go!

9/15/20 Update:  Many thanks to Paws and Claws Pet Services for staying at our home to care for my crew while we were gone. They took some great pictures of Corey being Corey.

Corey’s daily reports included: Corey loves chasing and pouncing on his fav jolly ball. Corey ate all his meals, he likes getting attention, does well with his foster sister, Peach (the chocolate Lab) and he loves his back and belly rubbed. He was a sweetheart.
10/2/20 Update:  Well, here we go again. This crazy foster momma thinks I need to be ready for Halloween. She had me in a spider costume, but then said, “Nope.” Then my skin sister said, “I got one that Corey could wear!” I guess it’s OK, just as long as I don’t have to wear it … “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!”