Dahlia Dee

Dahlia Dee

Dahlia Dee checked out of May’s Manor! She met a really nice lady that fell head over heels in love with her!  Dahlia is now the only fur baby and will receive all the attention and love a little gal could ever want.

Dahlia Dee here and I joined rescue because I need some help! My family was at a loss of what to do with my skin. Nothing seemed to work. Is it food, environmental, or a combination of both? Who knows. But I am ready to find out!  The stuff on my back is sulfur and that smell was pretty bad, but it made me stop scratching! And one other thing, my eyes are a mess. I do have limited vision due to some cornea damage but when Dr. Larsen examined me  she felt confident I was going to get back some vision with proper medication. All I know is I have had a spa day, was scrubbed from head to tail, and am on some special dog food that hopefully will help with my itching. I do need to gain some weight because my head is really big and at first glance I look a little out of proportion. But this journey that I am on should take care of my concerns and I am so excited to see what my future holds. My name is Dahlia Dee, I am 2 years old . Please follow me and watch how my life changes and watch me become the beautiful bulldog I was born to be.

9/10/119 Update:   Dahlia checked into Mays’ Manor this week and she is such a delight. She came into the house and everyone welcomed her with open paws. Even the resident king, who can be a bit picky at times. She is shy, scared and prefers time in a kennel. She is very smart… it took her just two seconds to figure out the doggy door. Even with poor sight, she runs in that door quicker than lightning. I can barely get her to stay outside long enough to potty and she runs back inside. I’m eager to see this girl blossom into the queen she deserves to be.

9/13/19 Update:  It’s me Dahlia Dee! I’m settling quite well in my new surroundings and as of now I’m enjoying all the company of the other residents. I’m playing with anyone that will play with me, including foster mom’s feet. She says they aren’t toys but they look like it to me. Foster mom tries to move gingerly through the house, and I appreciate her doing so because any sudden movements and I drop to the ground and crawl. She picks me up and says to hold my head up and she gives me kisses. I know where to potty, no issues in that department. I did kinda mark my bed the first day or so but realize there are a lot of beds so there really wasn’t any point to continue to do so, plus it’s like a game of musical chairs and who doesn’t like to play games. I’m such a good girl that foster mom allowed me to roam free the last two nights! That foster mom is quick. I went outside last night at like 3am and when I came in she was standing at the window looking at me. I was like geeeeeze, I was out there for literally 2 minutes!

Foster mom has been trying to get a harness on me for days, I finally gave in because she apparently isn’t giving up. I think I look pretty in pink!

9/24/19 Update:  I’ve got some exciting news to share. Foster Mom showed me these little stairs that lead up to this really big dog bed and I like that bed! Alright, it’s not really a dog bed. It belongs to Foster Mom, but I like it so much more than those little dog beds around the house. I was a bit scared of that side of the room, but once I learned about those stairs, I’m not scared any longer. I walk over there like I own the place! That really made Foster Mom happy. If she loses me and the gate is open, that’s where she will find me! I’m a little scared of a lot of things, but Foster Mom is helping me squash those fears and I feel that each day I get more confident.

I’m a pretty healthy girl, although I do have dry eye so I will require daily eye drops.

I’m a sweet girl that gets along with everyone. I really enjoy playing with the younger pup at the house and I mind my Ps and Qs when it comes to the older crew. I even think I like kids… there were some playing in the yard behind us last night and I bolted to the fence trying to see them. I could not see through the fence, but I got excited hearing them!