Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

3/21/16 Update:  Daisy Mae has been ADOPTED!!!   Daisy Mae left for San Antonio yesterday with the nicest couple ever. God was with this little lady and has given her the best forever home possible, where she will spend her days happy and comfortable and LOVED. It was instant connection for Daisy Mae and new mom and dad. They recently lost their nearly 11 year old bully Spartacus and have now opened their hearts and home to 9 year old senior saint Daisy Mae… “Mayday” now. Daisy will have the attention and companionship she deserves after a long life of neglect. And sunshine and grass and comfy beds and plenty of food. A family that makes her feel important and gives her what she wants the most; time together.

Meet Miss Daisy Mae. She was surrendered to the Mt. Pleasant animal shelter. She spent most of her life in a small crate or outside. She is way too thin and has some bald spots that need attention. Her owner gave her to a friend, who later surrendered her because she was too old and too much trouble.

She stayed with a foster mom last night who gave her the first bath she has had in ages. Foster mom was surprised at how active she was for her age. She acts half her age! She went everywhere in the house to investigate and meet and greet. She loves to jump up on the couch and sit next to you. She got along great with all her new human and fur friends. She just loves to be loved!

She is at the vet to get checked out and will go to a foster family. She just needs to eat right, put on a few pounds and get her coat back in good shape. She is a true sweetheart!

1/17/16 Update:  I was told that I’d be picking up a Seasoned Saint. Shhh…don’t tell Daisy Mae that because she has no clue. She does not have a slow mode. This gal gallops everywhere. She trots right alongside you. She doesn’t want you to get out of her eyesight. She has to be right next to her people. This baby is so sweet and so gentle. She’s potty trained but hates the cold & loves her Nylabones. Daisy Mae is going to make one family complete and they will be lucky to have her!

1/24/16 Update:  Little Ms. Daisy Mae is a tiny thing, weighing 41 pounds. She inhales her food and is learning it’s OK to eat and drink slower because there will be plenty of food and water from now on. She is adjusting to her new foster home and does not like to be outside, except for bathroom time. She is good with her new, much bigger foster brothers, enjoys a warm bath and loves to snuggle on the sofa or bed.

She is incredibly loving and sweet and wants to be with you all the time. She won’t let you out of her sight!

2/1/16 Update:  Daisy Mae is doing well! She is slowly filling out (eats a ton) and adjusting to comfort and love. She is crate trained and does well on a leash and likes a walk around the block. She loves people and getting loved on and wiggles her little tail when excited. She isn’t interested in her foster brothers, except when they are getting attention… She has to have all the attention and is food aggressive and has to be in another room when foster brothers eat. She is house trained but needs to be supervised. Her eyesight is great but I think she is a little hard of hearing, she is 9 after all. Even though she doesn’t play with foster brothers (she isn’t interested in toys at all), I think they are helping her learn house manners and what being a bully is all about. She does well in doggy daycare! We have work to do but Daisy Mae is getting more confident and seems to know she is now wanted and loved and would make a great little companion for the right family.

2/7/16 Update:  Daisy Mae is doing awesome. She has really become a different dog over the past few weeks. She is a spunky little thing! She is sweet and loving all the time, such a pleasure to be around. She is easy, less demanding than she was at first. She eats slower and even waits her turn (which is usually first).  She LOOKS great, filling out. She seems adaptable and likes trying new things… Like going into a CVS store with me. She is learning how to play with toys and every now and then I catch her chewing on one of foster brother’s toys. She is vocal! She cries for help getting in bed. She does great in the house (never any chewing on anything that is not a toy). She fits in and is truly a happy dog.

2/22/16 Update:  Daisy Mae is such a joy! I have learned so much from this pretty little lady. Her personality has really bloomed. She is 100% trusting of people and just wants to be loved. She gets along great with her foster brothers and will cuddle with them in bed. She has gained 3 pounds already and continues to show no signs of aggression.

3/9/16 Update:  Daisy is doing great! She is the perfect little companion. She is a small, lanky little girl, soft and loves to cuddle and be in your face for kisses. Her small size packs a lot of personality and she is fearless with her much bigger foster brothers. She is sweet, low-key and considerate. She is somewhat hard of hearing but has great eyesight and likes to occasionally look out from the balcony and bark. She is cute and quirky with an adorable under-bite and a little gait (I promise to get a video of). She plays with toys and her foster brothers now and loves to be a central part of the family when we’re cooking, getting ready in the bathroom, or relaxing on the couch. Look for Daisy Mae at Mutt’s on April 3!