Darby Bella Rose

Darby Bella Rose

Hello all my Bulldog fans.  This is Darby Bella Rose with another update.  My dream has come true.  I am on my way to Jacksonville, Tx to live on the lake.  I will have a boat to go out and cruise the lake, lots of yard to run and play and I will have two skin sisters and four fur brothers and sisters to play with and keep me company.  I was a little nervous to meet my forever family but foster mom and dad told me it was going to be just fine.  I’m a shy girl and took a little while to warm up but when I did I knew these were my people.

I know when I came to rescue I had had a hard life and was not in the best of health but Dr. Larsen and her staff took such good care of me and fixed me right up.  Thank you Dr. Larsen and staff for all the work you do for us rescue Bullies.  My hard life is behind me now and I will be living the life of luxury being spoiled, getting treats and loved on all the time.

Just remember, there are other Bulldogs out there just like me, so just because I’m no longer available doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your application in and find your Bulldog match.`


My Southern name reflects my Southern beauty. From the top of my head, to the tip of my tail, I am fabulous. I am a little thick around the middle, but that’s just some extra cushion, in case I fall down and start to roll. I know I won’t get hurt.

Like many Southern ladies, I had some babies in my day, but Dr. Larsen will take care of that. No more babies for me! With the hair and nail salons being closed, I am way past due on a spa day and a nail trim, but those are on my things-to-do list for Monday.

Earlier, I had on a harness and, oh my gosh, I was like a bucking brindle beauty. I jumped up in the air, I jumped sideways and I jumped forward and backward. Thank goodness for that extra padding because it came in handy when I started doing flips! I got so upset that I made myself sick. I will try the harness again tomorrow to see how it feels. I have made a notation in my notebook that I might need some leash training.

That’s really all about me for right now. I am 4 years old, I don’t like harnesses (yet), I love to eat, and I need a big chair to sit in with my family. I hope you’ll follow me through my beauty treatments and help me find a family that will love me for me.

5/20/20 Update:  Darby Bella Rose is my name, and being beautiful is my game! I am doing great ~ still at the vet clinic and awaiting a little surgery. I’ve had a few nice baths and my fur looks so much better. My tests came back and I did pretty good. My white cell count is a little high. The only real problem is that I have Ehrlichia, which is a tick-borne disease. Thankfully, in rescue, I can get the medicine I need to kick that to the curb!

6/11/20 Update:  My full name is Darby Bella Rose, but all my friends call me Darby. I just got into my foster home a few days ago and I like it here. Not as much as I will like my forever home, but more about that later.

Anywho, there are some other dogs here and one of them is another Bulldog. So far, she and I don’t get along real well. Sometimes, we do and then she gets upset and we have a little tiff, but overall, everything is good here.

As you can see, I am a full-figured girl who has had a few litters of pups, but those days are behind me now, thanks to Dr. Larsen and her staff. I am a bit shy and it took me a couple of days to come out of my crate to explore the joint. Whenever I get nervous or scared, I run back to my safe place and hide out for a little bit, but then I come right back out.

I like following my Foster Dad around and hanging out under the desk when he is working because I get head and butt scratches. I like head and butt scratches.

I’m not a fan of going outside in this heat and sometimes I do my business on the tile floor. I suppose I need to quit being lazy and go outside all the time, but it is REALLY HOT out there and us Bulldogs are sensitive to heat.

I wasn’t eating when I first got here, so Foster Dad put some brisket in my food to get me to eat. He thought he was tricking me into eating, but I’m onto him. I just liked the brisket…LOL. He’s a sucker for a cute, furry face, like mine.

Now, about my forever home. I’m going to be looking through the applications here in the next day or so to start deciding who may be a perfect match for this pretty girl. I’m an easy going, laid-back kind of girl who gets along with other dogs. I’m not sure about those cat things, but I’m sure I would like little humans.

If you haven’t submitted your application yet, you need to hurry. I don’t plan on staying around here long…just passin’ through on my way to my forever home.