6/21/2015 Update: Darby was ADOPTED yesterday!!!! Her new dad drove all the way from Austin to meet and ultimately take his new baby home. (How is that for a Father’s Day gift).  Darby now has a new dad and two skin siblings.  Darby will now spend her days napping and trying to keep Austin weird.  Congrats to the entire family.

Darby is a 5 yr. old female that weighs approximately 65 lbs. She is good with other dogs and humans of all sizes but she does like to be the center of attention.

5/10/2015 Update: Darby is a plump little thing. . I’m still getting to know Darby, but from what I can tell, she is as sweet as they come. She craves attention and would let me love on her 24/7, if I could. Darby has taken a liking to my leg, but will stop when I tell her “no ma’am” as soon as I notice that sparkle in her eye. Darby has not had one accident in the house, which has been wonderful

5/20/2015Darby is doing great!  I took her to see Dr. W last weekend for a sprained leg.  However, she’s on the road to recovery with some anti-inflammatory meds and rest.  I did learn this week that running out of Benedryl should never happen again.  Her allergies got the best of her and she licked her paws a bit too much which caused some irritation.  She’s back on Benedryl and all is well!!  No more licky paws and no more cone of shame.

6/14/2015 Update: Darby’s back in rescue. 🙁  Apparently, she doesn’t care much for cats. Since we picked her up, we’ve decided that Darby probably shouldn’t go to a home with smaller dogs either.  She’s been tormenting her smaller foster sister, Abby, since she’s been back.  We explain to her that Abby isn’t a cat and to leave her alone and she’ll listen for awhile until her bulldog curiosity gets the best of her. However, Darby gets along great with her other foster sibs that are around her size and larger. Darby is as sweet as they come.  She’s loves all people – big and small. Darby’s around 5 yrs old, healthy, and lookin’ for love!