Darwin has been ADOPTED!!! After being a stray and joining rescue with a list of issues longer than his legs, Darwin hit the JACKPOT. It was love at first sight and when Darwin put his personality  in overdrive (as he always does)–forget about it.  He will now be the crown prince of his new family. He no doubt will be spoiled rotten and want for nothing. Congrats to Darwin and his new family

Darwin is a 3 yr. old male that weights 54 lbs.

Darwin joined the Lone Star Bulldog Rescue family today. He comes from a local shelter where he was found running the streets as a stray. He comes to rescue with some skin issues, an eye infection and tail infection. He went directly to the clinic to get his treatment started.  He has a great personality and was VERY insistent that he sit right next to his volunteer transporter. He is such a good actor that he wouldn’t walk at the shelter and had the attendant carry him around.  Once he got in the transport car, he was walking all over giving kisses and wanting to be petted.

6/28/2015 Update: Darwin joined rescue 2.5 weeks ago and to say he was a HOT MESS when he arrived would be an understatement. He was found as a stray and taken to a local shelter. He was covered in fleas, his ears were bloody from fly bites and his tail was severely infected.  Darwin spent six days at the clinic where they started working magic on him. He had to have entropin surgery, be neutered and have his tail amputated.  He made a quick stop at his Aunt Renea’s because his foster dad was out of town, but finally made it to his foster home early this week.  Darwin is 50lbs of short, squatty bulldog perfection. He is just gorgeous, but when you meet Darwin it’s his personality that grabs you. Darwin has 100 lbs. of personality in that 50 lb. body. He has been nicknamed Pushy Pusherton at his foster home. He loves to be ON your lap and  has no problem pushing his way around and over anything and everything to get there. He is a bundle of excitement,  he may even have Bulldog ADD since he gets easily distracted by EVERYTHING. With that said, he gets along well with everyone and everything. he loves to cuddle on the couch and just wants to be with his humans. He is healing well from his surgeries and his skin and fur are coming along nicely.

He goes to the clinic this week to get his stitches out and should be given a clean bill of health.  the once HOT MESS of a bulldog is blossoming into a stunner. The little bulldog that is overflowing with charm and personality will have no problem finding his forever family