David Banner (now Dallas)

David Banner (now Dallas)

We are thrilled that David Banner has been adopted and moved to Colorado! Story and picture to follow.

Today was the day that I packed my bags and hopped in the first taxi the rescue group sent to me.  

So, let me tell you a little about me. 

I had a family that had to move. But, listen to this… they forgot to pack up one of the most important things: me!

While the rescue group was getting my room ready, I got a chance to hang out at a shelter and meet lots of nice people. 

I must say I did love the chefs at the shelter. The food was amazing! I got a chance to pack on a few pounds, but I think I still can pack on a few more for the winter. 

I get along with every person and dog I see, and I mean EVERY person and dog! My motto is a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. Someone might say that I need some manners training. 

I’m dealing with a bit of a sniffle and have a little bit of an upper respiratory issue, but I’m hoping that this miracle worker they call “Doc” is able to work her magic and get me back up to 100%. 

All in all, I’m a pretty high energy 1-year-old, but I think that with the right, patient family, I can settle down. 

5/25/22 Update:   When you last heard about David Banner, you learned he had been abandoned…. left all alone in the same house where he once lived with his former family. Who could even think of doing that? 

Well, since then, he’s been going through some BIG changes.

First up, he’s gained 20 lbs!

Here are some tid bits about handsome David:

*He’s about 3 years old.

*He’s a tall, 73 lb. hunk of Bully love. He can jump up into your car for rides.

*He’s a great dog for a single or couple WITHOUT young or little kids. David can be your baby!

*He’d do best as an only dog in the home.

*He needs a calm, chill house.

*He’s active, strong and needs to get his exercise. He’d love to have a nice backyard for running or a fitness-minded parent who likes to get in their own steps with walks around their neighborhood.

*He needs someone who can take it slow with him, guide him on his journey and keep him on a schedule. David needs you to be his guiding hand.

*He’s treat-motivated.

*He loves LOVE and those “magic” de-shedding gloves. 

6/13/22 Update:  Do you like car rides? So does foster boy David Banner! He’s so ready to jump in your sweet ride and go for a spin. He checks out every car on our walk just hoping to find you.

6/21/22 Update:  Kitchen covered?  Check

Warming your seat before you sit to watch TV?  Check

Watching TV with you?   Check

Foster boy David Banner has all your bases covered!

7/1/22 Update:  My daughter and I walked David and Max together/apart today. They got face to face once and sniffed it out. Max’s tail wiggling the entire time. He’s our super social guy. Loves everyone and everything.  Would fit in immediately with other dogs. Tried not to go face to face and walk around each other, but couldn’t make it work.

David was calm, but hesitant. Not really interested. Max kept running to try to keep up with me and David as we were in the lead. Those long legs of his were made for walking!

Just baby steps for David. Definitely slow intros are key for him.

Max-bring it on! Ha!

Will keep working on it!

And if you want to keep David for a sleep over, please contact me or Renea first as Ruffit will not let the dogs go for overnights without permission from one of us.

Coming into to walk, totally ok anytime.

7/14/22 Update:  Are you an experienced Bulldogger? Do you have a dog-free home? If so, foster boy David Banner is looking for YOU!

David is a special pup who needs a special family, whether that’s here in Texas or out-of-state. 

David is a 70-pound, 3-year-old beautiful hunk of Bulldog. He has energy for days and will be the best walking buddy you could imagine. 

David wants so badly to find his furever home because he has so much love to give. He just needs the right family who will help him be the best Bulldog he can be. 

Please share this sweet boy’s pic and help us find him a furever home! 

7/19/22 Update:   Do you love Bulldogs and want one who will go on long walks? Foster boy David Banner is your man and needs YOU! 

David is 3 years young, 70 pounds and a champion walker. 

We are looking for an experienced dog owner with no other dogs who can harness all of the love and energy this big ol’ hunk of Bulldog has to offer. 

We will consider out-of-state adopters for this big beautiful boy. He has SO much love to give and is ready for his furever home.