Denali Daphne

Denali Daphne

Fester and Denali Daphne officially became brother and sister. They weren’t supposed to be pair, but when they met in their foster home it was all play and snuggles from there.
It was definitely love at first sight with their new family. Both smothered everyone with big sloppy kisses. Their new skin brother immediately got on the floor and was bombarded with Bulldog slobber and butt wiggles.
Fester and Denali are going off to live at the beach with their new mom, dad and skin brother and will have the happiest of lives.
Behind me are my baby-making days and in front of me are my couch potato days. I am so ready for my new life with my new family!
I am 4 years old and I am one lovely lady, if I must say so myself. Everyone I meet, I love. I have no desire to fight with anyone. If I see trouble coming my way, I just run the other way as fast as I can. Dr. Larsen told me I had the most beautiful face and when she finished with me, I was going to have the most beautiful body to go with this beautiful face. Watch for me as I blossom into an even more amazing Bulldog lady.

9/14/20 Update:  After moving into my foster home a few days ago, this is what my foster parents have learned:

I am super sweet. I just love everyone and want to constantly show my affection. I am a fast learner. I did have a couple of accidents on my first day, but then I learned how to use the doggy door and am happy to report there have been no accidents since then.
I LOVE to get down and wrestle on the floor with foster dad. I am 4 years old, but I still love to play like a puppy. I am also learning that toys are kind of fun too.
Foster mum says I am such a good girl, but I do have to work on my manners a little. See, I get so excited, I just want to jump up on people and even the counter when dinner is being made.
Did I mention I love food? Well, I do! I will even sit for treats.
Well, I am going to get back to my snacks and being cute. Hopefully, I will get to meet you soon. Big sloppy kisses, Denali Daphne
9/20/20 Update:  Denali has had a blow out week–literally. Somehow when foster mom was in the shower the dog bed exploded all over the place. But several days after getting a new bed, all is well.
10/3/20 Update:  Feeling cute today! Might dress up in my Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue T-shirt! Might also take a nap on foster mum! ~ foster girl Denali Daphne

10/20/20 Update:  Denali has been in her foster home for about a month now. Denali is the sweetest girl and loves couch snuggles, playing tug o’ war, food and naps. She has been the perfect houseguest. She knows where to go potty and goes into her crate with no complaints.

Denali has been having the best time rough housing with her foster brother Fester. Her furever family is going to be so lucky to have this precious girl.