3/20/16 Update:  Dexter has been ADOPTED!!!!

2/21/16 Update:  Dexter has rejoined Rescue after four years as his family was no longer able to keep him.

2/22/16 Update:  Dexter returned to our home Friday afternoon and he has not stopped pacing day and night since.  Poor guy.  He was adopted at the age of 4 and now he is 8yrs old.  He is a sweet, ‘lap’ dog who is searching for his family right now.  He gets along with every bully in my pack, even Star.  Today, the 1yr old I keep joined us, and I’ve seen nothing to indicate Dexter dislikes babies.  We hope he will be able to settle down and get comfortable like the rest of the bullies in the house in the next few days.

2/28/16 Update:  Dexter is sweet, lovable, and the best lap Bully! He’s been great with the one-year-old that we keep during the week. He gets along with every Bully in our pack. He’s just wonderful!

3/6/16 Update:  Dexter is perfect!  He is the best bulldog EVER!  He gets along with all the other bullies in the house, he loves the 14 month old that is here during the week, he loves to cuddle!!  He is the perfect couch potato, movie watching, hanging out with doing whatever with buddy you could ask for!  Only thing is Dexter has been feeling sick for a few days with some tummy trouble so we may have to visit the vet tomorrow if he’s not perking up.