Domino has officially flown the nest! She has found the most delightful family. She’ll now have two little skin sisters and a Bulldog fur brother. The girls are delighted at Domino’s playful nature, and I do believe there will be lots of toys and games for her in the years to come. She had her suitcase (err, laundry basket) packed full with her toys, food, and miscellaneous Domino-gear, and, when they arrived, there were lots of bum wiggles from Domino and smiles and laughter from her new family. When they prepared to go, she trotted happily out the door with the girls, crawled her way into their car, and never looked back.I can’t express enough how pleased I am for both the family and Domino. This really did feel to me like the perfect match and a very happy ending for all involved. Love you and will miss you very much, silly girl. xxx


Domino joined rescue as an owner surrender. She joined rescue as a “full figured” beauty. Miss Domino loves her kibble and if there is any to be found, she will find it. After a quick stop at the clinic to get a check-up and to be spayed, she will begin her hunt for her perfect forever home.

1/3/16 Update:  Where is this big ole gal’s family ? Domino  would like to know. Domino needs to be the only female in a active family because she loves activity. Domino runs, not walks wherever she is going . For sure a favorite at my house. Domino is crate trained but will pee on a bed or on a blanket.

1/10/16 Update:  Domino went to Hollywood Feed where she was the STAR !  Everyone loved Domino !  Everyone got to see just what a beautiful lady she is. Some people had never seen a bulldog that big. Some people thought she should enroll in Weight Watchers. Some people wondered why her head was small and her body was large. But make no mistake, Domino is perfect in every way to me. Domino will find her furever family and until then she will be my big fluffy girl.

1/17/16 Update: Full figured Domino runs 90% of the time to wherever she thinks she needs to be. Not a fan of other females Domino’s perfect family will be active, bulldog savy, and will include Domino in all their fun.

1/24/16 Update:  I may be prejudice but Domino was the LIFE OF THE PARTY at Hollywood Feed yesterday !! Big as a barrel , but just as sweet as they come, Domino wowed the crowd with her everlasting smile. Domino worked the room and she owned the room with her charm. Enough said. Domino had it going on. Coming out in a new Pdawg collar and leash Domino knew her new family was somewhere in the crowd. I felt it too.

2/14/16 Update:  Domino runs wherever she goes, takes her half out of the middle and turned a empty boot box into confetti over  night.  Domino will only sleep in a laundry basket that she has chewed the sides off of, will only run not walk, and will only roll in mud not grass. But make no mistake, even with a few small flaws Domino will steal your heart the second you meet her.

2/25/16 Update:  domino’s new foster mom reports: The laundry basket is custom made by Domino for Domino.  It looks ridiculous, but whatever works for her. She also went on her first walk with me today and did really well on the lead.

2/28/16 Update:  Domino and I have become good friends. She’s an active and friendly girl who loves her walks, and she enjoys soaking up all the attention from others she gets along the way. Domino definitely loves people and appears to be happiest when close to me. She follows me from room to room, curious of my activity. She’s food motivated, which will help if/when trying to train her. She also loves her toys. She appears to be housetrained, as we’ve had no troubles on that count so far. While Domino enjoys sunbathing and lazying around the house, she will do best with an active family who can match her energy levels. Domino’s new family must be mindful that she has a mind of her own and will need some discipling. If her needs are not met, she will sometimes pout or resort to attention-seeking behavior. But I haven’t found this to be particularly insurmountable. Domino has proven to be pretty low-maintenance and a pleasurable and entertaining companion so far.

3/6/16 Update:  I’m sorry, future Domino family, but I’ve been finding it rather difficult at times not to indulge her, and she might bring her prima donna status with her when you bring her home. Last night, she had another shower with me, and she was pleased as punch with her new shampoo.

Domino had a great week, and I’ve learned more about her. She never meets a stranger and will be no guard dog. She made the cable people and gardeners feel quite welcome during their visits this week. I think her outgoing and friendly disposition also earned her some admirers and new friends at Hollywood Feed in Mansfield on Saturday. She is a funny little clown who loves to entertain anyone who will watch. I’d never seen a dog drink her water while laying down until Domino demonstrated it at our event on Saturday. She can make cardboard, packaging, and cleaning towels into toys in a flash because she never misses an opportunity to party the Domino-way. I hope to see ever-energized Domino find a forever family who will enjoy a quirky, active goof of a diva-dog. Until then, life will not be dull in my home.

3/17/16 Update:  Check out Domino’s new waistline in the photo! The diet and walks are paying off. I wish I could weigh her because she definitely is more fit and a bit less of the full-figured girl she arrived as.

I’ve had her four weeks now, and I’d say she’s adjusted well to my admittedly erratic schedule. She continues to enjoy her (almost) daily walks. She is very easy on the lead. I’ve experienced the typical Bulldog dig-in-the-heals routine a few times, but overall, she trots along at quite an impressive pace without any pulling. She is like my little shadow, and walking through the house, I can expect to turn and see “the Domino,” as I call her, on my heals. She has grown quite attached in a short period of time, and her future family can look forward to the same from her. I’ve heard the word “happy” often applied to her by people who meet her, and that really is a good way to sum her up!

3/28/16 Update:  Little Domino still awaits her forever family as she continues to blossom in my home and fill it with joy.  She flourished in my nephew’s company this past weekend with lots of play.  She enjoyed our afternoon at a local playground and single-mindedly climbed the jungle gym so she could enjoy the view from the top.  She also spent time soaking up the weekend sunshine and hanging out on the porch.

Domino loves the outdoors.  In fact, so far she seems to be happy in her human’s company anywhere I go, whether that be on a walk, in the garden, in the store, or hanging out indoors.  I’ve found that, when her bed is in the room, she’ll often curl up and snooze.  I’ve enjoyed seeing her transformation since her arrival to my home a month ago.  She’s mellowed while keeping that fun, Domino spirit!

4/4/16 Update:  Domino partied at the Mutts Canine Cantina meetup this past Sunday. She climbed in the water trough, laid down, and lapped up the water (in that order). She worked her way through the masses to say hello to anyone and everyone, wherever possible, positioning herself in the center. Making friends remains Domino’s speciality.

She had a very promising meet-and-greet with a lovely family of four, and she’s going to their house today to meet their 3-year-old Bulldog. Fingers crossed! I think this looks very promising, and I’m very excited for her. Here are a few photos of Domino’s week. I love this little girl.