Sweet little Dottie joined our rescue at only seven months old. She has the sweetest face and some serious puppy eyes that will melt your heart the moment you meet her!  Dottie may be small in her stature but she is chalk full of personality! Running alongside you is her favorite place to be! You don’t need to wonder where Dottie is when you are home because she will be right at your feet or sitting at the door watching for you. Waiting for food or water is already a talent of hers and she sits patiently until her bowl is full of food with those little beady beggar eyes and patient manners that make you almost give her seconds sometimes!  Dottie loves to run, chase, and play! She does so great on walks that she would be happy to take them twice a day! She is still learning how to play catch, because currently she just likes to take toys to her kennel or other secret spots in the house to hide them for later personal chewing. She’s not much of a sharer; it seems as she likes her own little safe haven with a cozy blanket and a few toys for safe keeping, but she would like them to remain her own. Dottie loves attention of all kinds and her favorite time of day when not on a walk or eating dinner is laying on the ground being loved on by her people.

Dottie has great health and her skin and coat are just about perfect! She requires the occasional face wrinkle cleaning and tail pocket wipe, but if you can keep those clean she will be as healthy and beautiful as ever!

Dottie does not always know her own strength or energy and we are still working on some manners. While she sits for food and water, barks to go outside and knows all of her potty needs shall be done outside, she is still working on not jumping up on people so she would not be great with smaller children. Dottie does not have accidents in the house and sleeps through the night just fine.

Dottie is very aware of who her people are and wants to be the dominant dog of the house. She would do best in a home with non-dominant or smaller dogs as she is very playful and will become a kind and submissive dogs best friend almost immediately but does not play well with very dominant or highly energetic dogs.

Dottie is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm preventative. Her adoption fee is $600.