Drake was one of my most challenging and rewarding foster dogs. We are beyond excited and pleased with the progress this boy made in a few weeks. He tried so hard to please and control his enthusiasm around other dogs.

Yesterday, it all paid off! He now has a new mom and dad, three skin siblings and a fur sister.

When Drake and Daisy met last weekend, it was not love at first sight. Daisy is shy and had never met a dog as boisterous as Drake. It took a lot of time and patience from everyone before things settled down.

Thankfully, Drake’s new dad is an experienced Bulldog owner and knew how to help him with his excitement. Then we knew it was the right match when we saw them lying quietly next to one another and began to be a little playful with each other.

So Drake, we will miss you so much, but we know you have the great family you deserve. And you will grow up to be the Bulldog they have all dreamed about.

I have been waiting for you to rescue me for what seems like FOREVER! I don’t know how my life got so messed up.

On January 17, my life changed forever. I was removed from my home and animal cruelty charges were filed against the person who owned me. For the life of me, I don’t know why anyone would want to treat me badly. I am only a year old and all I ever wanted to do was be someone’s best friend.

It took more than a month for my case to go to court and I sat with my toes crossed. I never wanted to go back to that house again. And guess what? The court saw it my way and I was told that rescue was coming for me. I could now have an amazing life with a new family. I would tell you I packed my bags, but I didn’t have any bags, blankets or toys to pack. Nothing. Just me.

I have a blue eye and a brown eye, and some crazy looking fur. I also love every dog I see, as well as people. I am a jumper, a humper, an air spinner and a puller on the leash. All weekend I worked on my manners, like sitting for a treat. That’s hard to do because I am really hungry, but I am going to learn.

I’m learning that going potty outside is the right thing to do, but it seems strange to me. I need my furever family to understand my background. Up until this point, my life has not been so great and I hope someone can be patient with me as I learn. I know my next family will be the kindest family in the world and never mistreat me!

3/22/20 Update:  It’s been almost 24 hours since Drake arrived in his foster home. It took him only seconds to jump out of the gated area I had set up for him. So far, I’ve learned he doesn’t like his crate, being alone, or sitting in our backyard. He enjoys belly rubs, eating, and exploring every part of the house! He’s not a fan of Snickers, so we are keeping them separated until he gets acclimated to his new environment. He’s getting walked every 1-2 hours, but still having accidents in the house and his crate. Hopefully, in a couple days, he’ll feel more relaxed.

3/25/20 Update:  Dear diary,  It has been seven human days at the new crib and boy, do I feel like a new man! I’ll start by saying, I wasn’t too confident I could trust my new foster humans. But, I’m beginning to come around! In fact, I like them so much, I follow one around at all time. Foster Mum got quite a scare when I jumped in the shower with her because I didn’t want to be alone! Ha, that was funny!

The first couple of days, I inhaled my food so fast I think it was a personal record, but now that I get three meals a day (plus treats), I don’t feel the need to eat so fast! Also, I stopped drinking the water in the puddles outside because there’s a bowl with an endless supply of water right next to my food bowl!

My behavior has changed too. I’m on a schedule and no longer have accidents in the house! To celebrate being accident-free, I got an ice cream on Sunday! Also, I no longer pace for hours. Instead, I find a lap and take a siesta.

Finally, I learned a new trick… every time I put my bum on the floor when Foster Mum says ‘sit,’ I get a treat! She said next week, we’ll learn to shake paws. If that means more treats, I can’t wait!  Well, off to the land of pillows and blankets so I can dream of my forever family!  Until next time,  Drake

4/5/20 Update:  Drake made his way to a new foster home this week. Because he is so young and super active, we wanted to try him in a home with other young and active dogs and see how he would do. Well, let’s just say he hit the ground running, and running, and running! He loves having a big back yard and other young dogs to run and play with him. He had a marathon tug-o-war match with the resident champion. And he also had a long session of laying and mouthing with a younger puppy.

His first foster parent did a great job teaching him manners and some basic skills. He did great on his first walk with me, but he loves to walk long and fast. Surprisingly, he pulls very little for a pup his age and strength. We can also tell you he will do a little couch surfing, but will get down on the floor with instruction. He loves to sit by you and snuggle for some calm, quiet time.

Drake is young and very energetic. He ran right over one of the other dogs when they first met. He would do better with an active family and older children. He needs a lot of work before he is set free around toddlers. He met the resident queen diva and tried to push her around. Nikki let him know right away that was not going to happen. He took her correction like a gentleman, and has not bothered her since.

We look forward to spending more time with this precious boy and watching him learn how to be a part of a larger family.