Edith has been adopted! Edith has finally joined her family of three, after they patiently waited for their girl to finish her heartworm rest. Edith will now be known as Ava and has gained a skin sister and a brother Bulldog named Otter.  Ava will have a wonderful life with her new family with lots of love, play and even some swimming… with a life jacket, of course!

Foster Mom and Dad will miss this sweet little girl. She will forever be in our hearts

We know little of Edith’s life prior to a few days ago, when she was dropped off at a shelter. We do know she has been neglected for a while. Her eyes, ears, skin and tail all need some work to recover. She has bad cherry eye and green goop coming from both eyes and her nose. She is a short brindle and white gal who is petite and weighs only 47 pounds. She also seems to be very sweet and friendly to everyone and everything.

She is off to the vet for some spa time and to get everything all fixed up. We’re sure that once she’s 100%, she’ll be a wonderful addition to any home.

5/20/18 Update:  Edith has been in our home a little over a week and what a sweetie she is.  The first thing she does is flop over onto her back as you approach and of course you cannot resist rubbing her belly.  Smart girl!  She makes the cutest little, “I’m so happy” noises when she is with you, snuggling.  Edith loves to be your shadow everywhere you go and you cant help but give her a hug when she jumps up on you for some attention and love.

Edith is about 3 1/2 years old, crate trained, just about house trained is getting along with all her foster brothers and sisters.  In about a month she will go through heart worm treatment and will be on 30 days crate rest until she is available for adoption.  This foster mom doesn’t mind keeping her around for a bit!

6/17/18 Update:  What can we say about Edith? Loads of awesome stuff! Let’s begin with how loving and affectionate she is. Edith will never be the first one to stop giving you kisses, jump down off the couch or pawing at you for your tummy rubs. And other dogs? Loves them. She loves to play with her foster brothers and sisters or quietly take a nap on the couch laying right next to them. Yes, we do have a crabby girl Bulldog in our home that usually likes no one, but damned if she doesnt like Edith!

The last month she has been with us, we have been doctoring her dry eyes and getting her ready for her heartworm treatment. In fact, say some extra prayers for this angel as she
goes today. She has such a bright future ahead of her, including a wonderful family that has fallen head over heels and cannot wait to make her their own.

7/1/18 Update:  Edith is in the middle of her heart worm treatment confinement and is doing so well.  When not crated, she is snuggling up on the couch with her humans or her foster siblings.  She is such a loving girl and wants to please everyone.  Fortunately for this sweet girl, she has a wonderful family waiting for her after she is medically released from her treatment.