Elijah Blu (now BigE)

Elijah Blu (now BigE)

Elijah Blu is now BigE!  Trent and Cathy adopted his littermate Tooty (aka Caroline).  BigE is loving life in CO and his little sister just adores him!  They also have Spanky, but he’s an old guy and prefers not to be bothered!  Fostering him was a joy.  He is the most docile and loving bully.  It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving a pup can be after what he endured.

It’s me Elijah Blu joining rescue with a few words of wisdom for you! And I do know what I am talking about!  My life experience just may help another bulldog one day! So, pay lot’s of attention! My Mom called me Eli, and she loved me a lot! I was her baby, the one she kissed on the lips, and held in her lap. But, I was not the only one in the home and everybody wanted to sit in her lap. My Mom had a friend, who had a friend, and that friend had a friend who always wanted a bulldog! So, in theory it seemed like a win-win for me. So, I packed my bags, and headed to my home in paradise. 

I was supposed to get neutered, get all my vaccinations, heart worm preventive, and get to live inside with my family. My Mom called often and checked on me and it was always the same “He’s doing great!” But, something just seemed wrong so my Mom dropped in unexpectedly one day and found me in the backyard, under a tree, in Texas, in the middle of the day!  I was dirty, my ears infected, never been to their vet, and I was overheated. She cried as she held me. She never thought that would happen to me. She trusted the people to do the right thing. I almost died. I have a deep puncture that goes all the way through my cornea.  

So, people think about what could happen when you’re rehoming an animal. It happened to me. I am now blind in one eye, my ears are so bad I can’t hear very well now, and what I thought was paradise ended up being anything but. My name is Eli, I am almost 2, and I am so thankful I did not die in that back yard. I am thankful that I got to join rescue, and I will get all the medical attention I need. I know the next family I move in with will love me forever!

7/18/18 Update:  Due the severe eye infection and neglect, sweet Elijah had to have his bad eye removed. We look forward to seeing foster boy Elijah Blu’s smile once he fully heals from his eye surgeries. Even with one eye, he’s still a looker!