Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae was Adopted!!!!!

I don’t think we could have found a better match for Ellie Mae. Carolyn is completely smitten with Ellie Mae and Ellie Mae is enamored by her. This was a match made in heaven. I’m so excited for the spoiling that is about to ensue. Her “treats” are now chicken livers and her meals are homemade. Ellie Mae has a brother. A 95 lb Olde English Bulldog named Leroy. The 2 of them had already started their antics which had me, Ronnie, & Carolyn laughing hysterically. Carolyn asked me this morning how she could get involved and again this afternoon expressed interest. I think she will be a great contact & supporter of LSBRC. She is a talented photographer with a published book and she gave each one of us her big picture book as a “Thank You.” Today was definitely a success

Ellie Mae is a 8 yr. old female that weighs approximately 65lbs.  Ellie Mae joins Lone Star Bulldog Rescue through no fault of her own, she was very loved by an owner that could not keep her.  Ellie Mae joined her new foster family today and is starting a new chapter in her life.  More updates on her personality as she gets settled in in her new surroundings.

5/31/2015 Update:: Ellie Mae has been the perfect houseguest! She is sweet and polite. Ellie Mae is also potty trained and crate trained. When I yell, “Ellie Mae!” she does the sideways Bulldog run to me because she doesn’t know if she is getting food, getting leashed for a walk, or getting belly rubs… but she certainly isn’t going to waste any time finding out which one it is!

I am still hand feeding Ellie Mae her food. She tends to want to gobble, so I’m trying to slow her down. She knows how to give high-fives so I have her give them to me in between bites. This helps slow down meal time too.

She loves her naps, but loves human interaction just as much. She will follow me from room to room until she realizes I’m just running in circles. Then Ellie Mae will just plop down and wait for me to quit doing things around the house.

She has been doing fantastic with my two dogs, the kiddos in and out of the house, along with the flurry of activities going on. She has been a fantastic addition to our family!

Ellie Mae had entropion surgery on Wednesday. That’s the only thing Dr. Whitworth needed to fix. This sweet baby is ready to go and anyone will be lucky to have her!

6/7/2015 Update:!Ellie Mae is doing awesome! She has discovered that she prefers sleeping up in our bed bshe can’t get up by herself. I will hear her paws clicking on the bed rails then a second later her head pops up from the side of the bed. That’s my cue to get up and help a lady out with a little boost. Ellie Mae has started bullying around with her foster sister and has even initiated some of the rumbles! I have to break it up so they can catch their breath otherwise they would keep going & going. This always results in an immediate nap session. She has finally also started to chew on her Nyla bones and Kong. She’s not a HUGE fan but will gnaw every once in awhile. She is the biggest love bug wanting nothing but belly rubs but I still stand by needing a slower paced family with older kiddos or none at all.

6/15/2015 Update: Ellie Mae is enjoying her chill time at her foster home. Pretty much at this point what Ellie Mae wants Ellie Mae gets cause she doesn’t ask for much…belly rubs or food. It cracks me up to see a dog gobble up veggies like a champ. Frozen green beans and cucumbers are her favorite. Walks have been put on hold for now because of the extreme heat & humidity. So, exercise shows up in other forms – following us upstairs, bullying around with the foster sisters, or roaming around looking for the next perfect nap spot. Ellie Mae absolutely loves to sun herself and I have to coax her back in the air conditioning with some extra encouragement. Ellie Mae remains the perfect houseguest and will do perfect in a slow-paced & laid back family.

6/21/2015 Update Ellie Mae is patiently waiting for her furever family to show up. She is gearing up for Dog Days of Summer with naps, cuddle sessions, & meal time. Ellie Mae loves her belly rubs and will roll over as soon as you walk up to her. She has been a quiet addition to our family and she would do best with a slow-paced family who is looking for that loyal companion!

6/28/2015 Update:Ellie Mae has had some action but nothing has come into fruition yet finding the perfect furever home for this beauty. We will be patient because her & I both know they are out there. Ellie Mae loves naps & sun, belly rubs & food… in no particular order. She gives the best hugs. You know the saying, “That just means there’s more of me to love?” Yeah… that’s Ellie Mae! She is still the biggest love bug.