Elvis is a lot more than just a Hound Dog. He is a 60-pound ball of bully love who is looking to make his own personal Graceland out of your couch!

Elvis checked out of the Heartbreak Hotel after his former owner dropped him off at his original breeder’s home with a note saying that he could no longer care for the King anymore. That’s All Right (Foster) Mama, said Elvis. He’s happy to be hanging in rescue until the Mystery Train takes him to his forever home.

Though he is brindle in color, he sports no sideburns. He would look great with a belt-buckle, but we’ll let you make the call on that. At eight years old, the King is in impeccable health, and you don’t need to remind him Don’t Be Cruel – he already gets along great with everyone.

When in his crate, the King no doubt does the Jailhouse Rock; he is fine to be there, but sometimes cries a bit if he’s alone. He just wants to Love You Tender, is that the worst thing in the world? And Elvis, true to form, is a bit of a vocal bulldog – he isn’t afraid to let you hear him cry, and occasionally lets out a bark, but he’s still pretty quiet overall. His disposition is sweet and docile, and he is happy to just sit beside you and chew a bone…preferably from some Memphis BBQ.

It should also be noted that Elvis taught Forrest Gump how to dance. Look it up.

If you want to Let Elvis Be Your Teddy Bear, fill out an application! We promise, Elvis won’t be able to help Falling in Love with You.