I couldn’t be happier to share the news… Finley found his forever family! He now has a wonderful new mom and a fur sister, and he has settled in nicely with them. On Saturday, his new mom and sister showed up and this guy went and greeted them, as if he already knew they were “the ones.” He will now be living in New Braunfels getting all the love he deserves.

Fabulous Finley reporting to rescue today! That’s right here I am! I am about 60 lbs. of fabulous. I had a great family that felt like I needed more than they were able to give me right now due to some life changes. My allergies are making me sneeze a lot and my eyes are red. I also need a little surgery that will help me with my hormones. My Mom cried big tears when she said goodbye. All she wanted was for me to be happy and have the medical attention I deserved. I love every dog that I have ever met. All I really want to do is play. At my old home there was a bigger dog and he sure did not want a playmate. All he wanted me to do was stay away. So I found myself in the crate a lot, just so I would be safe.  I met Dr. Larsen today and she was so excited to meet me.  As soon as she sat down I jumped up in her lap. I told her the kind of family I wanted. I want an active family that loves to walk. Maybe another dog or 2 that will play with me. And kids, maybe kids that are bigger that I won’t knock over.  I am 2 years old and everywhere I go people say “Finley you are fabulous.”  That’s how I got my name Fabulous Finely.  And I can hardly wait to meet you!

3/3/20 Update:  Fabulous Finley is what we call him because he is 60 lbs. of fabulousness! He’s a big 2-year-old boy who loves to play. He came to us due to his allergies that affected his eyes, making them red, and his nose, making him sneeze a lot. The other reason was that his fur sibling didn’t like him, so Finley found himself in a crate most of the time for his safety. The family thought it wasn’t fair for him to be isolated from the family so much and called rescue.

Finley spent so much time in a crate that now, he doesn’t feel that safe venturing out of it. You must physically help him out. Now on the other hand, if foster girl Lula Rose the Bulldog is nearby, he will come right out and follow her around all day. They are best friends. It is the sweetest thing to see how much he trusts her. His fear will diminish when he realizes that it’s OK to leave the crate and roam…. that nothing will hurt him anymore on the outside of his safe place. It will just take time, trust and love. That’s what we’re here for.

On picture day, he refused to come out , so I leaned in and helped him. He sat with me for awhile, while I chatted with him and rubbed his ears. Then he was ready to venture out. He made the rounds saying hello to everyone. He even went over to Miss Lula Rose’s crate and said “Heeeey.”

After that, the action began. He started to play with us! He danced around and ran from person-to-person until his tongue was out. We gave him a water break and went to work. He was perfect and loved the attention. You can see in his pictures what a great time he had and how happy he was. I normally don’t excite them before pictures, but I knew the crate story, so I thought he deserved to have some fun.

Dr. Larsen is treating his allergies and he is doing much better. He has a tumor on his left side that she will remove. She does not think it’s a serious issue. He also likes to hump a little to show his love. That is being corrected also.

Finley is a big, lovable boy that just wants to love and be loved. Oh, and play as much as he can. He would be great with bigger kids and dogs. He hasn’t been cat tested yet.

He loves to be with people and especially Miss Lula Rose. So, hopefully Fabulous Finley can enjoy less crate time and more backyards, walks, playtime and couches! If you like these things too, maybe you’re the one for him.

4/8/20 Update:  It’s been two weeks since my foster mom came and picked me up and I’m so glad she did. I have a fur brother here to play with and he shares all his toys with me. He pouts about it, but hey, at least he still shares! We like to play in the backyard and play tug-o-war.My crab used to be my favorite toy, until I discovered empty water bottles. Oh man, those are the best.

Foster Mom says I’m a really good house guest. I don’t have any accidents in the house and I haven’t chewed up anything. We are working on boundaries during play time, but I’m doing better with that.

I will check back in soon, but until then, don’t forget to put in your application if you’re wanting to adopt a fabulous Bulldog.