Fiona was ADOPTED!!!!Happy adoption day to Fiona!!!! This adorable family fell in love with her instantly. I love how perfect the families want everything for their Bulldog. What do they sleep on? What’s their favorite color? Do they like toys? These families want the best for their Bulldog not realizing they don’t want for much. It’s such a fun & exciting time for everyone and today was no different. Fiona’s furever people planned on picking her up Monday but realized this morning they just couldn’t wait. Onward & Upward sweet Fiona! It only gets better!

Fiona is a 5 yr. old female that weighs 56 lbs.

Fiona joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue as an owner surrender. Her family was expecting a new arrival and didn’t think they would be able to spend as much time as needed with Fiona. So, Fiona is looking for her own castle with or without Shrek.  She is good with kids and other dogs.  She joins her foster family today and more details will be forthcoming.

7/18/2015 Update: Fiona has joined her foster family and she  was a hot mess.  Fiona had a laundry list of ailments taken care of at Dr. Whitworth’s including fleas, spay, tail socket, 6 decayed teeth, growth on her leg, and a much needed pedicure but she is now well on her way to being perfect while recovering!  This baby is a total lovebug who just melts whenever you sit on the floor and scratch her back in areas that have probably never been scratched.  The legs get to thumpin’ and her whole body sags like she is in pure heaven!  She has not had any potty accidents and walks well on a leash.  She is showing a little anxiety when crated.  Friday night there were no issues.  Today when we left to run errands she wasn’t too keen.  That is still being observed since I’ve only had her for 2 days.  She wants to run with the pack, see what they are doing, and do what they are doing.  Fiona’s foster sisters are showing her that the kitchen is the hot spot!  Fiona simply takes pure pleasure in the activities of everyday family life.  I know there is someone out there with the perfect castle where Fiona can spend the rest of her days

7/26/2015 Update: Hi Everyone!!  I’m Fiona and I wanted to tell you a bit about myself…  I had surgery a week ago to correct my tail socket, take a growth off my back leg, and to make sure I never have to have another litter of puppies again.  I’m well on my way to recovery!  This foster business is absolutely grand!  I gallop next to my foster mom as she toodles back & forth around the the house.  I don’t want to miss a thing!  I love all my foster siblings – 2 legged & 4 legged.  I am VERY laid back & easy going and don’t ask for much except back scratches.  Those make me melt like butter and my knees tend to buckle as the euphoria sinks in.  Here are my favorite features:  I do not shed, I do not climb on the furniture (even though I’m allowed if I would like), I am potty trained, and I like sleeping in my crate.  My crate door is left open at night so I can ask to use the restroom or get a drink of water but to be honest…once I snuggle up it sure is hard to come out until the sun makes an appearance.  As much as I love my foster family I sure would be grateful to find a family to call my own.  Help a pretty girl out and get to asking about me!!!