Forrest Bondurant

Forrest Bondurant


Sunday this beautiful family came over to our mini-ranch to meet Forrest.  Forrest really wanted a family with kids to play with, and his wish came true.  He now has two two-legged brothers to call his very own!  His Furever Mom has had Bulldogs her whole life and Furever Dad became addicted too!

Yesterday morning Forrest and I got up early, had our breakfast, both took showers and then we proceeded to pack his bags!  He knew something was up when I gathered all things Forrest and started packing them up.  He had to make sure that we didn’t forget his new snake that was out in the back yard!!!  His snakey is his favorite.  He was so excited when Furever Mom and Dad walked through the door yesterday.  He knew he was going home with them!  Forrest got into his new bulldog ride and never looked back!  He was ready to start his Happy Furever After!!

At barely 2 years old, please welcome Forrest Bondurant to rescue! And if you have seen the movie Lawless then you will know his character.  Forrest Bondurant is fearless, a risk taker and some may say an outlaw.  But this Forrest is just a gentle giant of a bulldog! Forrest knows he is one hot mess now, but better days are ahead of him and today starts a whole new life for him.  Forrest wants you to know that his surrendering family was loving, kind, and had 2 small girls whom he adored. But most of all, he wants everyone to know that there are bad breeders, people that scam and people that sell sick bulldogs.  Forrest in a product of a bad breeder that passed him off as missing hair, smelling bad, and just needing a loving family to fix him up and he would be “good as new.” Their were 9 puppies in his litter and as they grew they all looked like him, covRe: Matilda checking in !ered in demodex mange. Forrest’s mother even had it, and the breeder passed her look off as “she is missing hair from her puppies nibbling on her.”  I talked at length to the surrendering family so they would know that some people would be quick to judge when they see Forrest and to be prepared.  Forrest’s mother knew she was so in over her head. The medication made him throw up,  and he scratched till he bled, and he cried in his sleep. We parted ways with her saying I loved you enough Forrest to let you go get the help you need, you were always the bulldog of my dreams.

12/11/17 Hey friends! It’s Forrest checking in from the life of stardom! Yep, that’s right…. I, Forrest Bondurant, won a major contest with P Dawg Accessories for Bulldogs! Folks were asked to send in a pic of the sexiest Bulldog alive and out of all the (thousands of?) pictures Ms. Erika received, I was one of the four she chose. I must say… she made the right choice! I am too sexy for my own good. And look at me now! I’m in a brand new Christmas collar, bow tie and matching leash!

Well, tomorrow is my neuter day, and I am going to wear all my new things all day long. I love my new stuff, and I love Erika Wesson with P Dawg for choosing me as a winner. No one has ever been so nice to me. And I love everyone for all the good thoughts and prayers. Because of you, I am getting better ever day!

1/27/18 Update:  I know you all have seen the video and know that I am a pretty awesome snake wrangler. I have already taken care of several in this house. I am another one of those that is currently on some kind of hold because I have some itchy skin, a whole lot of dandruff and bald spots. Foster Ma is giving me baths twice a week, some delicious raw goat’s milk, and some kind of stinky fish stuff.

I am a pretty smart dude. I figured out pretty quickly where the back door is. When I need to take care of my bizniz, I stand by the back door and give a little growl. I am typical Bulldog. I love big soft fluffy dog beds, super soft blankets and laying around on the sofa. I am the kind of Bulldog that needs to be able to sleep with a pillow. I can sleep and breathe better when my head is propped up. Of course, I sleep best when I am in Foster Ma’s bed and have my head on her pillow! Bwahahaha! I had to stay at the clinic for a long time because of my skin problems and because I was having problems with regurgitating my food. Foster Ma got me all fixed up in that department and I no longer gurp my food back up. The secret to her success is she gives me a Pepcid AC at least 30 minutes before breakfast every morning. She also completely soaks my food with boiling water until my food is completely soft. After I eat, I have to stay in my crate for an hour to let things settle. I am not allowed to drink water out of a water bowl like most dogs. I drink from a water bottle, like I am some kind of Guinea pig! But hey…. it works! I don’t gurp!

My BFF is my foster bro Gordon. We are two pretty cool dudes and when it is time to chill, we just hang out together. When my skin gets better, I will be ready for my furever home! I am crate trained, house broken and get along with any dog that likes me too.

2/26/18 Update:  I am happy to finally have a day of sunshine where I could get Forrest outside to get some new photos. I am still working diligently to get Forrest’s itchy skin issues under control. Poor guy just itches all of the time. I don’t know if it is the warm weather, or the fact he had another skin infection. but his coat is coming out in handfuls. He doesn’t seem to mind the fact that I have increased his baths to 3 times a week. He rather likes the wonderful massage and scrubbing and does the Bulldog version of purring in the bath tub.

Forrest is so much fun! When I get home from work, he is so happy to see me, he brings me a bone. His whole back end moves back and forth with excitement. Forrest is a bouncy, happy playful boy who recently showed me he can do a few tricks. He sits on command, sits up for treats, gives high fives, as well as shakes paws. He loves to show off just how stinking cute he is! But I have to say…this dog is NUTS! Yesterday, I was on my hands and knees, vacuuming the bathroom throw rug, when in comes Forrest. He has no fear of the vacuum and proceeds to lay down on the rug that I was working on. So I figured if I tried to vacuum him, he would take off. NOPE! I was wrong! Instead, he just laid there and let me vacuum him. He started his Bulldog purring! When I stopped, he moved to get back under the nozzle again. Then proceeded to roll over, so I could vacuum his belly! I can’t make this stuff up, peeps! I managed to get video evidence. I spent about 10 minutes yesterday vacuuming Forrest before his bath! Enjoy his beautiful photos in the sunshine!