Gabby was ADOPTED!!!!  Gabby found her perfect fur-ever family and moved in with them on Saturday.  She is now living the life of luxury and enjoying being the center of attention as  an only dog.  We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl and even though we miss her we know she will want for nothing and will be getting all that she deserves for the rest of her life.  The Menard Family has grown by 1 and is blessed beyond measure to now call Gabby their own.  Here is the 1st fur-ever update from Gabby’s new dad:  “We have been blessed by Gabby’s adoption; she is a true gift from God, as was Lola (the Menards’ late bulldog).  As such, she deserves our love, attention, care and devotion. It has been a busy weekend.  We purposefully planned many errands (Hollywood Feed, Best Buy, our auto mechanic, etc.) and activities in which Gabby could participate and star as a celebrity.  Gabby is at peace, calm and utterly comfortable and happy.”  Please join me in congratulating the Menard family and Gabby and wishing them all a happy life together

Gabby is a 3 yr. old female that weighs 52lbs. Gabby joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today. She came to us from a local shelter. She will be going to the shelter to be spayed and then onto her foster family. This beautiful girl will be looking for a forever home soon.

8/30/2015 Update: Gabby girl has had a very busy and eventful week! The week started out with a visit to the clinic to get Gabby spayed.  The vet said she was healthy and very well cared for prior to entering rescue.  Yesterday, Gabby attended the rescue event at Hollywood Feed and loved meeting everyone and getting so much attention complete with petting and back scratches.  Gabby is a fairly mild mannered girl that loves and craves attention.  She wants to be with her people at all times and will happily claim any empty lap as her own.  She is also always available for any belly rubs or back scratches that might be offered.  She is great with kids and seems to enjoy their company.  The first few days in foster she seemed to prefer to hang with the shorter people in the house but yesterday and today she has clung pretty close to her foster mommy.  But if at given moment she thinks someone is considering to offer her a scratch or rub down, she’s off running to them wagging her whole body.

The first few days as Gabby was adjusting to her foster home, she wasn’t very interested in sharing her attention with her foster brother and she let him know it.  She would play with people but didn’t really want to play with him regardless of his persistence.  Well, he was determined to love her and get her to play with him.  Persistence finally paid off and as I was typing this update they began to play and played hard until they both had to rest!  We had noticed that as she was settling in she was becoming more tolerant of him and even occasionally sharing the attention without getting upset.
Overall, Gabby is a great girl and will complete almost any family perfectly.  She is fully housebroken and has not had a single accident.  She is good on a leash for a walk but does a pull a bit if there is excitement near by.  She does not willingly run to her crate but she will go in there when you ask and then she just lays quietly until you return to free her.  She also knows how to sit on command (if she wants to…..she is a bulldog afterall).

9/13/2015 Update:  Gabby continues to be a joy to have around.  She is really showing her personality and her occasional stubborn streak like when she really doesn’t want to go to her bed.  She is fully potty trained but has had a couple #2 accidents but only when you don’t keep her out long enough in the mornings.  She says that its foster mommies fault not hers.

Gabby had decided that she would like to spend all of her time with her people.  She will follow us around from room to room including the bathroom.  She can get her head in a door quick if you even think about trying to close the door without letting her in.  Her rightful place is right next to you!  She has also decided that she should sleep in the big bed with foster mommy and foster daddy so she does.  She has chosen the spot right between the our heads as her spot so that she can gently lay her head on a pillow too.  She is so cute that foster mommy has agreed that that is her spot and foster daddy didn’t object too much.
Gabby has finally agreed that the foster brother is pretty lovable too and that he makes a good playmate when she decides its time to play!  Gabby continues to love to play with the short people in the house as well and loves to get in their lap or bed for a good cuddle.
On Sunday Gabby got to go to the Rescue event at Hollywood feed and met lots of nice people.  She didn’t care for all of the other doggies, especially the females, but she did enjoy getting loved on from all of the people who met her!  Gabby has decided that she is The Queen and we all know there can only be one Queen!

9/20/2015 Update:  Gabby has had a great week.  She still loves people and wants to be wherever they are.  Gabby is a very active girl that loves to play, run and jump and then loves to cuddle up for a long nap.

Gabby gets a little stressed and anxious around lots of other dogs so big public doggie events are a no-go for her.  She loves to go on car rides though and is the perfect passenger!  She will go to the garage door and quietly beg and whimper for you to take her on a car ride.
Luckily for her, her 2 legged foster brother and sister go to school during the week which means carpool twice a day!  Gabby loves carpool because all of the teachers give her all kinds of love and attention. I mean WHO can resist a cute bulldog (or 2) looking out the car window just begging for someone to come love on them.

9/26/2015 Update: Gabby has had another great week.  She is really enjoying a few extra minutes outside for some sun basking since its finally cooled off a bit in the mornings and evenings this week.

Gabby is such a beautiful girl with very soulful eyes and many telling facial expressions.  Just by looking at her sweet face and eyes you can tell when she is happy, excited, content, sad, stubborn or frustrated (this one really only happens toward her foster brother).
Gabby LOVES people and just wants to be loved by them and with them as much as possible. She is a true sidekick and can often be mistaken for a shadow.  She loves to play and is quite active but after a few minutes of play she just wants to cuddle up and nap with someone.
10/4/2015 Update: Gabby has had another great week.  She is really enjoying the cooler temperatures and getting to spend a little more time outside.  She still loves people and wants all the attention for herself.
Yesterday was bully bath day!  She does not love to take a bath but she will tolerate it and just hangs her down during the whole process.  Afterwards, she feels like a new woman and sprints all through the house visiting every person. Then she gets some extra cuddles from foster mommy because she smells so good and her coat is so soft.  This big girl is one and million and you can’t help but fall in love with her and her expression filled eyes.