Gator has found his furever family! Of all the dogs I’ve fostered, only two fur babies truly stole my heart. Gator was the second, and will be forever loved.

When I first met him, I was told he was dog aggressive. I was up for the challenge and quickly did an evaluation, but couldn’t seem to ever find that side of him. What I did notice was his lack of trust in people. He didn’t really want to be touched and always pulled away. This broke my heart because I knew he was misunderstood. I worked to pull him closer daily and show him compassion.

I thought this was going to change him, but I was wrong. It changed both of us. I started needing him as much as he needed me. We finally got our routines down and relied on each other.

When I received the possible application for him, I was crushed emotionally. It was the day I was dreading… we had found a family that was perfect on paper. They were also amazing once I talked to them. My heart sank knowing Gator might be their perfect match. I took a deep breath and we arranged a meet and greet.

I noticed Gator was excited as we drove toward them. When we got there, he got out and walked straight up to his new dad. The couple was so sweet, and I could immediately tell they longed for another Bulldog to love. They had lost their Bulldog earlier this year and the stories they shared of him were heartwarming.

Gator turned on his charm and stole their hearts. We ended up having a two hour meet and it was so enjoyable. He kept coming back to me during the meet to check to see if I was OK.

So, Sunday was Gator’s adoption day. He went willingly and I could tell he was going to be in the best hands possible. He was going to be the “Prince” of the house. His new mom couldn’t stop smiling and his dad found his new buddy! I left crying like a baby because my heart was breaking. This was the hardest adoption I’ve ever had, but Gator, I’m so happy for you. We will miss you so much. Congrats to you and your new family. These pictures say it all.

My dad is one tough Marine—as tough as they come. But he has sure been crying a lot lately. I think it has to do with me!

My name is Gator and I am 7 years old. I have always lived with my dad. But lately things have changed. There was the divorce and having to move—and he cried. Then I got sick—and he cried and said he couldn’t afford to take me to the vet. Then yesterday he took me to the vet—and he cried when they told him how much it would cost. Then he decided to contact a Bulldog rescue and see if they could help me—and he cried. The rescue had him take me to their vet. These were the most wonderful and understanding people I have ever met. Dad thought so too—and he cried. Dad talked with them about all my problems and what he had done to help me. They had some ideas of new things to try. But dad still wasn’t sure he could afford to keep me. I stayed overnight at the clinic so they could start working on my skin and ear infection. Dad called to check on me—and he cried. He decided I needed to stay with the rescue so he could get back on his feet and know that I was being well cared for. He wanted to be sure I would always be loved and healthy.

I will miss my Marine dad so much. I know he loved me and I love him. But he it right. I need to be with someone who also loves me and can afford to get me all the care I need. I will be at the clinic for a while to heal up and then to a foster. Then I will be eager to be matched to a family who will love me as my dad did. Could that be you?

12/17/18 Update:  Gator wanted to check in and let everyone know how much he is settling in. He and our other bulldogge went for a walk today and got to see some horses. Gator was more relaxed and seemed uninterested in jumping our girl. He loves being outdoors, but also indoors on the couch, in his room sometimes and wherever we are most. If he wants out of his room he has no problem letting you know by barking but no interest in scratching at the door. Gator seeks nothing more than to be loved and approved of, but does have some jealousy issues that we’re hoping have subsided by now (will know more tomorrow).  He and the cat seem fine, so any home with cats won’t be an issue. Gator’s vet records say he’s 4 but I was told he is 7 and certainly seems the latter for sure. He loves to be involved and help with whatever you’re doing. He is housebroken and lets you know when he needs to go out and he’ll try to trick us in thinking he needs to go out to get to come out of his room sometimes too.  He hates his daily eye drops and runs when he sees the tube, but we’ve figured out a good system that works. He takes his other meds and supplements with cheese like a champ! Gator minds pretty well when he wants to, which now seems to be more often even if we have to use the bulldog tone of voice lol. Sometimes I think he doesn’t hear but I believe he’s just choosy with what he wants to do. His longing eyes show his yearning for his very“own” furever home for Christmas, preferably without other dogs or with one he actually likes. His run of the house time at his foster home has to be split up with Gaia and he would like full access and no Gaia, although I think, he’s softening up on that too as he relaxes in.  😉  Gator is a joy and for someone who wants to add an awesome older boy to their home, he would be ideal as he really just wants to lounge around on the couch or floor or be your shadow.  He’s become a bit more independent walking around the house and exploring, looking out the windows and such but still wants to be at your feet while you cook or next to you on the couch. His snores shake the walls even from behind closed doors, which is just hilarious. I know he will make some family super happy…

12/20/18 Update:  Gator is really settling in now. He is getting along with the cat. We’re still taking things slow, but they are able to be in the same room now and with just the sight of the water bottle, he turns the other way.

He’s getting his fill of blueberries and healthy treats, lots of omegas and coconut oil for his skin and coat, along with some turmeric treats. He finishes his antibiotics today. Yay! I’m treating his food with a little Missing Link here and there, in hopes it also makes his coat, eyes and sinuses extra healthy and clear.

He is listening so much better, even though it’s a Bulldog’s job to do things their way. He even goes in his crate all on his own and knows it’s a safe zone for him. I know he’ll make a family so happy.

12/22/18 Update:  Gator here on this Saturday before Christmas🕯🌲🌟! I wonder what Santa Paws will put in my stocking this year🥓🍖🧀🥩🍦… I love to be outside, especially on spring days in December. I scrounge for sticks, smell everything and take naps. I’m becoming more comfortable with receiving all this love and affection. I am still learning how to understand my foster sister’s language🔠🔜 so I can hopefully play with her soon and not think she’s a threat🚫. I get a little jealous 🐴🐾sometimes because I haven’t grown up with all this affection or with other dogs like her. I’m learning fast though and I am learning how to share my sticks and Kong with her too, even when it has peanut butter in it 🤫😯. I love to take lots of naps and dream of my furever family😴. Oh, Santa Paws, oh, Santa Paws… please bring me my special family that will love💖 me unconditionally so I can give them all my lovin’ too. My name is Gator, and I approve this message

2/28/29 Update:  I am now nestled into my new foster home and can give you the run down of me. I have a calm personality that loves my humans. I will follow  them everywhere because seriously, I’m just a curious fellow. Sitting beside my humans is what I’m all about. If you like to shake hands or forget to give me loving, I will remind you. 😂 Chewing on things doesn’t interest me at all. Plus, I will leave barking for the younger ones. You will catch me sleeping more than walking. I have a broad chest and slim tight end. 😉 I constantly need fresh water due to me drooling in it when I drink. Please keep a little wash cloth or towel close to wipe my adorable mug. I love kids and so far, haven’t had any issues with the other eight Bulldogs here. Please share my story so I can get a new family soon. I would really appreciate everyone’s help.

3/6/19 Update:  If you were wondering, I am an excellent warming blanket! So, if you show me your favorite place to sit, I will make sure it’s nice and warm for you when you return. Plus, once the food gets delivered, I will make sure it is safe and sound until you distribute it. Of course, you have I would like a little extra for my high standard of security standards! If you are searching for a photogenic Bulldog for your food, Nature’s Recipe, I have the best mug for the job!

5/8/19 Update:  Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while.  Foster pops finally made me get off my couch and type this.  Haha yeah I’m sure he will get a laugh once he reads this.  I am searching for a forever family that will love me till the swamp accepts me back in.  The handsome aura that I exude is second to none.  I make anyone in my presence fall instantly in love with me.  As soon as we make eye contact it’s over for you.  I am still struggling with my self confidence so please bare with me.  I love furniture to rest my delicate fur on.  I enjoy the calmer things in life.  Well for the most part that is.  We have a new foster in our home and she has caught my eye.  I finally figured out that I’m not as young as I use to be.  That’s perfectly fine with me due to it being exhausting trying to court her.  Anyways, I love all types of affection especially my spot on my belly.  You will know once you hit it because my legs kick into turbo drive!  You don’t have to worry about leaving me out even though I could be crated.  I leave well enough alone and try to catch up on my beauty sleep for you to admire.  Put in that application because this HOT DOG won’t last long!  Best, 🐊Gator🐊