Just took Gerdie to her very deserving forever family and my heart is so happy. She’s going to be so loved, well cared for and spoiled every day!

Adoptive parents Heather and Gene unexpectedly lost their sweet bully puppy last month, due to an aggressive case of lymphoma; and in that same year, they lost their 10-year-old Great Dane. Their home hasn’t felt the same since and they felt that rescuing a dog and giving them a second chance was what they were called to do.

Enter GERDIE… and it was love at first sight! After meeting them this past weekend, Gerdie knew she could fill the hole that was in their dog-loving hearts. There were endless kisses, bum bum scratches galore and playful pounces, complete with laughter and happy tears all around. “Best family ever!” Gerdie said.

Gerdie’s family recently moved to Texas from Virginia, and have a lot of exploring to do with Gerdie now in tow! We are so excited for their new adventure together- we can already tell she’s going to be a daddy’s girl!

Sometimes I liked them and sometimes I didn’t… I’m talking about the other dogs in the home where I lived before today.

We used to get along fine, but lately, they were getting on my nerves at times and I didn’t always want to be around them. My family contacted rescue, discussed the situation and decided I might do better in a home with fewer dogs.

I’m a beautiful (if I do say so myself) 3-year-old and weigh a perfect 55 pounds. I know to do my business outside, don’t mind staying in a kennel when I need to, and I like to go for walks on a leash. I do well with children. As far as other dogs, it varies from dog-to-dog and day-to-day. I think I would be happier as an only dog.

I am at the clinic to spend some time with Dr. Larsen and her staff. I need to have something done with my girl parts. Then, I will be ready for my perfect forever home. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and be sure to submit an application soon. You just might be the perfect match for me!