Gordon was ADOPTED!!!! Yesterday was Gordon’s Adoption Day!!!  Many of you guessed it, but I am very excited to say that Gordon is NEVER leaving my home!  I am so excited to be his Furever Mom!!!  I wanted his official adoption day to be July 27th as it would have been my Mom’s 74th Birthday.  My mother passed her love for loving and nurturing animals to all of her children.  I learned so much about loving and healing these kids from her when she lived with me my after my father passed away.

Gordon’s issues are no issue for me.  He is the biggest bundle of bulldog love….that his allergies and bad hips are just part of the big beautiful package!  I love this boy unconditionally……
Unfortunately….I had no one available to take pictures of his adoption day…..so y’all are stuck with some very bad selfies until we can get our pictures done by someone.

Gordon is a 6 yr. old male that weighs approximately 68lbs. He is good natured and loves all dogs, cats, kids and adults alike. He is shy at first but warms up quickly. Since coming into rescue, Gordon hasn’t had to worry about a thing. He was an owner surrender who had some health problems accumulating, but now that he’s in rescue, all of his issues are being treated, and he knows that with time his skin, eye, and ear issues would all clear up, and he’d be 100%. So with the extra time that he’s got on his hands, Gordon has been trying to figure out where his name came from. At first, he thought, it might be the famous TV chef Gordon Ramsey. After all, with the bully Gordon weighing in at over 60 pounds, the pair seem to share a mutual love of food. But that couldn’t be it, because Gordon Ramsey seems to have a bit of a temper, and the same can’t be said of the bully. Gordon is easy going and he knows it. He gets along great with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and loves to play with kids. He can be a bit slow to warm up to new people and places, but is happy to just sit back, cuddle, and maybe play with a toy. So having eliminated that, he thought maybe it was after a certain race car driver with the last name Gordon. But he pretty quickly realized that race car drivers have to be cooped up in their cars for entire races, and that just isn’t his style. He doesn’t like spending time in his crate, but why should he? He is house-trained and easy going, but perhaps a home with some bulldog experience would be best to help handle his health issues. Given Gordon’s non-need for speed, he turned to Gordon Hayward, an NBA player. Now we are getting somewhere, thought Gordon—Hayward was a former college player for the Butler Bulldogs, so things were starting to come together. A look at Gordon’s feet shows that there may be something to this comparison, as Gordon sports some slick white socks, like he is ready to lace up his kicks and throw down a few dunks. But Gordon isn’t all about competition, and instead just likes to relax, hang out on the couch, and score some love from his family. Not to mention, sometimes Gordon isn’t exactly the most athletic. He would probably do best in a home with few, if any, stairs, as navigating more than 1 or 2 seems to be a real balancing act for him. Maybe Gordon Hayward will be Gordon’s favorite player, but he probably isn’t his namesake. And so with no other Gordon’s coming to mind, Gordon, laid back as usual, just decided to let it go and not sweat the s25mall stuff and just  be him. After all, things are looking up for him—some good medical care, a loving foster home, and perhaps a forever home on your couch in his future? 5/18/2015 update from Gordon’s foster mom: :I have said it all before…there isn’t a better behaved, loveabull, sweet and funny bulldog out there in my opinion!!  I just love this guy!!  We are working diligently on his allergy issues.  He went back to Dr. W Saturday and we are trying an allergy medication on him called Atopica.  Everyone please say a prayer that this will be the winner to get this baby boy’s allergies under control….because if he stays much longer with me….he is never leaving.  I won’t let you have him back!!!  He is just too dreamy for words? 5/24/2015 Update: Gordon has had a very tough time with all the storms.  I often find him hiding in my bathroom by my closet door.  When I open the door, he runs in and hides in the corner.  Poor guy!  If the storms get severe….at least he is already in the safe room.  I am currently bringing him down off the high doses of prednisone.  He seems to be holding together although I did catch him rubbing his face on the door frame yesterday.  He also goes and hides when he wants to suck on his paws!  He is the master at getting the pill out of everything!  I have tried it all…peanut butter cheese….canned dog food.  Just when you think he has swallowed it, you turn around and he spits it out!!    He is a very clever guy when he wants to be naughty.  If the Atopica is working….I will know here in the next few days.  Meanwhile….Gordon continues to lay around on his big fluffy pillow, play with stuffy toys and boss me when I am not fixing his food fast enough. 5/31/2015 Update: PRAISE GOD!  The rain has stopped….and the lake I live on has gone down a little bit, but my entire pasture is still under water!  UGH!

Gordon did NOT have a good month of May, the poor guy has bad anxiety during thunderstorms.  He is better than any weather man!  He lets me know long before the storms arrive.  I also tell how severe the storms are going to be based on his level of anxiety!  The more severe the storm, the more severe his anxiety.  I couldn’t find Gordon and freaked out thinking I had left him outside when a bad storm blew in last week.  I called and called and he didn’t come to me.  I finally found the poor guy!!  Here are the closet photos!!
6/7/2015 Update: Gordon continues to be on medical hold.  He has just had the worst week ever.  When Gordon came to us he was battling skin staph infection, eye infections and ear infections.  His feet were extremely swollen with IDC’s between every single toe on his front feet.  With the skin and ear infections in control….the IDC’s have been the biggest nightmare and Gordon is now having to be treated with 3 different antibiotics to treat 3 organisms that are resistant to many common antibiotics.  One of those organisms being MRSA and Gordon has to be quarantined in his room.  That part isn’t difficult as he feels so terrible that he hardly comes out of his room.  His foot hurts so bad I have to carry him out to the yard, and carry him back in.  I have to be careful with his open sores and where rubber gloves when treating his feet.
6/15/2015 Update: Gordon continues to be on medical hold.  One of his feet is improving, the other is a battle. But all around, Gordon is feeling better!  He is coming out of his room and greeting me at the door when I get home.  I don’t have to carry him outside anymore or hand feed him his meals.  His feet still hurt and he is still limping a little.  Once foot has greatly improved while the other is still the same.  And now for some reason, he is losing hair on his face and ears!  I am seeing just a little skin redness on his face. Tonight is bath night….hopefully that will help.  I am going to do a vinegar rinse as I am afraid with all the antibiotics we may have yeast infection popping up on his face. One step forward….two steps backwards.

He is continuing treatment of an oral antibiotic daily, Mupirocin Ointment twice a day, Epsom salts soak every other day and baths every 3 days.
As Gordon is feeling better……he now stands up on his own to eat….and has gone back to being Mr. Bossy Sass Mouth when I am not preparing his meals fast enough!
6/21/2015 Update:Gordon’s feet are still a mess.  As one is finally healing, the other now has an awful IDC.  I am not sure if it is allergies or the weather, but he is blowing his coat out big time.

I have him on so many supplements.  He is getting fish stock, colostrum, Solid Gold Sea Meal, spirinella and coconut oil.  Medications are oral antibiotic once daily, 5 mg Pred once daily and still having to put the antibiotic ointment on his feet twice daily.  I am soaking his feet every other day in Epson salt soak and he is getting baths twice a week.  YUP, it is a lot of maintenance!  But this guy is worth every bit of effort!!!
But on the positive side, Gordon is feeling so much better.  He still has two more weeks of oral antibiotics and another culture to be done.  He has a lot more energy and a whole lot of spunk!  I have attached a video of him giving me a hard time because I wasn’t fixing his food fast enough.  This is a daily issue.  I am obviously a slacker, and am doing it on purpose to starve him!
I decided not to put the before pictures of his bad foot on there….because they are really gross!  I can handle it, but some of you may not be able to.
Yesterday as I worked from the house…..Gordon stayed in my office with me most of the day to supervise
7/18/2015 Update: Gordon went back to the vet last week for a followup on his infections.  A skin scraping showed that he still has a small amount of bacterial and yeast infection.  Dr. Tabone was amazed at his progress.  He stated that he honestly didn’t expect to see this much improvement as Gordon has been battling these resistant bacteria for a very long time.  He has been given another round of oral antibiotics (2 weeks of Zenequin), an anti-fungal and continues to take Atopica for his allergies.  I have seen a tremendous improvement in his allergies now that the Atopica has built up in his system.  He is now down to 5mg of Prednisone every OTHER day!  We are looking forward to the day that he can be completely off steroids!Gordon has been feeling so much better that he is actually playing.  The Pet Nanny was so excited that Gordon was playing tug-o-war with him!

Despite all of Gordon’s medical issues…..and the fact that he will require followup and more treatment over the next several months…..there is some really BIG NEWS in the works for Gordon!!!