Gracey May

Gracey May

Gracey May has been adopted! She writes: That’s right, rescue friends. I moved into my furever home last night! I took an hour drive out to Keller, Texas. I am so thankful for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for finding me the perfect family. I enter a home with two not-so-furry brothers that will love on me Kimberly is going to be such a loving mom to me – I just know it. Get this, everyone: I have a dog park that I can see right outside my window. How cool is that? I can’t wait to meet all the new pups in the morning. I did have to say bye to Molly B., my fellow foster girl sister. She was very happy for me and even came with me to my new home to wish me a good farewell. Because I am still local, you may see me at events. I heard Bull-O-Ween is right around the corner. Now I need to see how I look in my outfit Thanks again, friends, for everything y’all have done for me.

Please welcome Gracey May to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She writes: Have you ever heard the statement, “Out of the frying pan, into the fire?” I think that is what happened to me. After several litters, my owner no longer wanted me so I ended up with a family who had bought one of my sons! I thought I had it made for life. I got to see my big, handsome boy every day. But the family also had a Boxer whose mission in life was to make my life miserable.

I don’t know what I did, but he attacked me many times every day. Instead of getting better, like I had hoped, my life got worse. My new family decided it was not safe or nurturing for me to remain there. So they contacted some nice rescue folks and they promised me a new life where I would be loved and never have to see that Boxer again. My name is Gracey May and I am 5 years old. I have had a few litters, but my figure is still in pretty good shape; I just need to gain a little weight. I can be a little shy around new people, but I warm up to them pretty quickly. I love being around kids and other dogs. I am at the vet for a few days to get everything checked out and up-to-date. I am scheduled for my spay surgery Tuesday and then I will be as good as new and ready to go to a furever family!

8/31/17 Update:  Hi it’s me Gracey May,  Well the surgery went well and I was shacked up with Molly B awaiting a foster home.  These foster parents came to meet us and they took us both!  So glad because Molly B kept me company and I love her.  If snuggling is your thing I think we would be made fur each other!  My foster pops thinks I was a mountain climber in my previous life.  He gets a kick out of me wanting to climb on any chair, autumn, or recliner.  It’s my safe place and it’s so comfy.  The floor is lava game he says I play.  I do appreciate a good ole belly rub.  I get along with other dogs and children.  Still learning the take potty breaks outside, but I believe I can master them.  When you do feed me I would like to be in a quite room please.  Currently I am not on any special medication thankfully.  Ultimately, I consider myself and easy going lap pal.  Please put in an application so we can start our new journey together!

9/12/17 Update:  Gracey checking in. How is everyone?  I am a low key lady and like the simpler things in life.  I will quietly follow you around the house.  I am never at your feet unless you call me over.  Curiosity is really what is it.  Anything you do is new to me.  Crazy to see my foster pops sweep everyday.  I’m sure it gets old to him, but I find it funny that it’s his thing.  I usually just hop up on a comfy chair, so I’m not in his way.  Any time he comes near me; I just roll on my back and he stops what he is doing.  He gives me some loving every time.  I get to play around with Molly, but honestly she is too active for me sometimes.  I love to meet new people and maybe just maybe it could be you!  If you sit down on the floor; I will give you sooo many kisses.  If you would like to meet and play with me; please put in that application.  Hope you enjoy my pics it was so exhausting looking this good 🙂