Gracie was ADOPTED!!! Gracie loaded up with her new family to begin her new chapter in Round Rock, TX. Gracie hit the jackpot in forever families. Congrats to the entire family.

Gracie is a 3.5 yr. old female that weighs 35 lbs.

Gracie joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today as an owner surrender. Gracie was the love of her mother’s life, but because her mom had to take a new job that requires long hours. It was a very hard decision for her to let Gracie go, but she wanted her to have the best life possible.  Gracie is a petite little bundle of bulldog perfection.  She will go to the clinic for a check-up and then she will join her foster family and begin the next chapter in her life-finding the perfect forever home.

8/14/2015 Update: Although she may be small in stature, lil Gracie has got a big personality!  Gracie is working through a few urinary challenges (bladder stones), but a doggie diaper doesn’t slow her down one bit. Hopefully the medication and special food will help clear up those nasty stones quickly and she will be free of irritation. Gracie gets along well other dogs and kids, but likes to play and will instigate a bully tumble session if she’s bored. She is also quite vocal when she’s ready for dinner and you haven’t put it down just yet, and seems to be a closet toy hoarder 😉 She would build a pile and if you take an item and throw it, she will go get it and add it back to her pile!

8/22/2015 Update: Gracie is 33lbs of a live wire. There is not one thing not to adore about this girl.  Gracie can find the biggest and heaviest toy to pick up and then she is gone like a race horse with it. Gracie is nosey, into everyone’s business, and can be a pest when she wants to drag another bulldog around the house by their ear. Gracie has 2 bladder stones that we are working on breaking down and passing with medication and special dog food. Daily I can tell she feels better.  In 2 weeks will be have xrays to see the progress we are making with this approach.  Any family would love to adopt this bulldog, she fits in perfect with everyone.