Guess who has been adopted??  Gulliver!  Gulliver’s new Mom and Dad met this special boy at our event last Saturday and all were smitten.  Gulliver showed off his walking on a leash skills, affection and chill personality.  We got the news that this wonderful family wanted to make him their very own and we were excited beyond words!  Foster Ma took him to his new digs just to make sure he could handle the stairs and he climbed them like he owned the joint!  Gulliver has a beautiful life ahead of him filled with love, patience and all the belly rubs a bulldog could want.  Foster Ma and Dad are so proud of how far he has come. Happy Tails, sweet boy!

Sometimes a dog needs to try out a family to see what is really best for him/her.  Gulliver was adopted last month and what was learned is that he will be happiest in a home as the only dog.  Hey, he was a stray and never had his own family…he just cant help it.  So this sweet and beautiful boy is back with his foster family and we are happy to have him.  Gulliver has the sweetest eyes that just melts this foster moms heart.  Gulliver loves food, naps and a good toy to chew on.  We are trying to put a little weight on him and he is very happy to oblige by eating all the satin balls this foster mom will give!  Sometimes Gulliver seems a little bewildered to be in a home-remember, he was found in a field next to a beat up old crate.  We tell him all the time that that life is in his rearview mirror, never to be his life again. Are you his future family?

Gulliver has been adopted!  His new family came Sunday morning to pick this sweet and special boy up and he never looked back.  Gulliver has a new name and he is now known as Snickers.  Snickers joins bullie brother, Sterling and twin skin sisters.  Snickers and Sterling couldn’t even wait to get home to play-it began on the car ride home! Snickers has certainly hit the jackpot with his new family and foster mom and dad couldn’t be happier for this little angel.

Please welcome 4 year old Gulliver to rescue!  Like the famous classic of English literature, Gulliver’s Travel, this Gulliver has done his share of traveling, only to end up dumped in an area outside of town.  Gulliver is microchipped and when his breeder was contacted it was discovered he had been sold some time ago, then resold again to someone else, and from there Gulliver’s past is not known. But thanks to Leslie, a lady that saw him in a field outside of town, Gulliver was rescued on one of the hottest days so far.  Covered in fleas and ticks, dehydrated, and starving she took him home and began the process of saving Gulliver. Leslie posted a pic on the local neighbor group of Gulliver. Some people wanted to  take Gulliver, but she reached out to rescue because Gulliver needed a lot of medical: eyes, skin, neutered.  Leslie felt like his best chance of forever was with LSBCR to address each need and get him 100% healthy for the family that is lucky enough to be his forever family!

7/18/17 Update:  Gulliver continues at the clinic and had surgery today. He was neutered, had his cherry eye repaired and some teeth extracted. He came through the surgery in great shape and should leave the clinic in a couple of days.

8/6/17 Update:  Gulliver is doing great in his foster home and is really beginning to open up. He is putting on weight, getting along great with his foster siblings and just craves love with lots of kisses and affection. He is healing nicely from his cherry eye surgery and his neuter. Gulliver gains confidence each day with toys being discovered and even a case of the zoomies in the evening, showing his emerging playful side! House training has caught on quickly with this beautiful boy, too. I tell him he will never, ever be left outside again to fend for himself and that we will find him the best home ever.

9/28/17 Update:  What a great week I had in my foster home. Walks, naps and lots of belly rubs. And the food… love the food here. Foster Mom has been trying to get some pounds on me because she says I’m just a little too thin for her taste. I’ll agree to more food anytime! She makes these yummy meatballs that I just cannot resist. Wouldnt want to hurt her feelings, you know?

I am house trained, crate trained and you should see me on a leash. I just love walks with my people. That is the exact kind of home I am looking for… just myself and my peeps. I had a hard start in life and I just want my humans all to myself with no other four-leggeds in the home. But hey, I promise I am Bulldog enough for you!

I’ve heard about this Bulldog Brunch thing going on this weekend and I hear that I get to go! So if you are looking for the best bud you will ever find, come up and meet me!