Hey Bulldog Family, it’s me Gundy on my adoption day!  And did I hit the bulldog jackpot!!  You might remember that I am no stranger to rescue. I was first adopted in January of 2019 and I thought things were great with my family.  But then there were changes in the household and I realized that the changes were not going to be good for me, so I packed my stuff and hit the road.  When I got back to rescue, I started looking through the applications for a family that was kid free, but still active and would play with me.  And look who I found.  I found Richard and Ida and now we are 3.  Thursday was adoption day, but Ida thought it was play day so you will see her on the floor playing with me.  Every time I tried to sit up and look cute Ida and Richard started playing with me causing me to fall over. But here I am with my new family and my new family just loves me to pieces!  When this thing called Covid is over we are traveling to Canada to celebrate Richard and Ida’s 50-year wedding anniversary, what fun that is going to be!  Love Gundy

It’s me, Gus rejoining rescue. My name before was Gundy. You might ask why am I back after all this time? Well, things sometimes just change. Sometimes change is good, and sometimes bad. Sometimes it is good for one person and bad for another.

Things changed for my family and they thought I would do better in a different home. They loved me and I didn’t do anything wrong. It was just with all the changes, they felt it was best for me to return to rescue where they could find me another perfect home.

So here I am. I made it back to the clinic to see all my human friends. That was nice. Dr. Larsen examined me and gave me a clean bill of health. I recently had eye surgery and a growth removed from below my eye. They makes one of my eyes droop a little. But I am ready for my foster and to start down the road to a new life and an even brighter future.

Gundy spent 223 days in rescue and every one of those days he spent becoming the wonderful Bulldog he is today. The road wasn’t always the easiest for him, nor was it alway easy on his foster parents! Gundy came into rescue a very insecure dog, not knowing how to act or what was expected of him. Trust did not come easily for Gundy. He was fearful of so much. One thing that he showed us was that he was so smart and wanted to please his people.

With the help of Scott, our awesome behaviorist, consistency and lots of love, Gundy became the happy couch surfer that he is today. Snuggling is his favorite activity, but of course a, romp and wrestle with his foster brother comes in at a close second. Yesterday was the day he had been working for: his adoption. His forever momma drove several hours to come meet this sweet boy and it was a match made in heaven! She brought him a beautiful new collar and harness… the perfect shade for his gorgeous coloring. Off he rode into the sunny day, never to look back. We will miss you, sweet boy, and you will forever be in our hearts.

Please welcome Gundy to rescue!  No sad stories for me says Gundy, the time was right and I was ready to go. My Dad had been thinking that I needed another family for while but I was his baby and he loved me a lot.  My family went their separate ways and neither person could take me.  My Dad travels 3 weeks out of the month and that left me packing my bags for boarding for long periods of time and I so got tired of that.  My Dad is on LSBCR Facebook and he knew I would be going to a place that would make sure I was taken care of,  loved, and I would find a family that had lots of time for me.  I was raised with kids and I love kids. I have known a lot of dogs and I loved them too. I do need a little body part altering and then I will be ready to meet my new family. I am just 4 years old and I have a lot of living left to do.

8/20/18 Update:  Gundy has had a great week in our home and is becoming the bulldog he was meant to be!  Gundy came to us a few weeks ago very unsure of himself.  He wanted to please, but I’m sure it felt to him that he couldn’t do anything right.  This little 4 year old hasn’t been taught much in his young life except he is house trained.  The only attention it seems that Gundy received wasn’t very nice.

Fast forward to today and with the help of Scott, our behaviorist, Gundy is gaining confidence day by day.  We go on walks early in the morning on a 2 foot leash to teach him how to walk with his humans.  He still uses his mouth to get attention like a puppy, but with an adult bulldog mouth!  Gundy is just starving for your love and affection-he flops on his back easily for all the belly rubs you are willing to give.  The best family for this little 50 pounder would be a family that is on the calmer side with older kids and bulldog savvy.  Your time and patience will be greatly rewarded with the sweetest bullie kisses ever!

9/16/18 Update:  Gundy checking in!   What a week this sweet boy has had.  Everyday he improves and becomes the bulldog he is meant to be.  I really think Gundy is the smartest foster we have ever had.  You only have to show him a couple of times what you are wanting of him and he does it.  Foster dad and I are so proud of this beautiful boy.  His attention-seeking ways are being left in the rearview mirror as each day goes by.  Less mouthing?  Check.  Less whining?  Check.  Gundy has figured out that he’d rather have the praise and snuggles more than acting out and how to get it. The best family for him would be someone that will walk him everyday and continue on with the routine that he thrives in. Also a calmer home with older kids and he does love his foster four-legged siblings.

What you get back is that love in his eyes for you and a life long friend.   

10/16/18 Update:

Gundy has had a great week in his foster home, though he is really not happy about the accessory he acquired on Tuesday-the dreaded cone of shame! A little ear work needed to be done, but will be good as new and no more cone beginning Friday.  Boy, has he been a trooper.  As soon as he learned he can’t walk AND sniff the ground…he got the hang of it!

Gundy continues to amaze his foster dad and I. He has become the bulldog we knew he could be. He is confident in where he belong and what life is all about in a loving home.  He has discovered the joys of laying on the couch and napping, with a human to cuddle with, alone or even a foster sibling. He adores it.

Gundy would do great with other dogs, as long as they are on the calmer side, as he can still get pretty amped up. Remember, he came into Rescue not knowing how to behave like an indoor dog. You can tell when he needed to go out to potty, it was done in a common area on a leash. He is still working on just being let out into a fenced backyard to do his business. With time and patience he will learn the virtues of roaming around a backyard, enjoying all the smells and taking his time. At the vet the other day, he weighed in at 60 lbs, which is the max he needs to weigh. He was a little skinny in the beginning, so foster ma needs to back off at mealtimes!

11/6/18 Update:  Gundy has had such a good week in his foster home. He is so relieved to see the rain has somewhat given us a break so he can do his daily walks with his foster mom and dad that he loves so much.  This four year old little boy is so smart and he thrives in his structure and routine.  A calmer home would be ideal for Gundy as he is working on his self discipline and is easily distracted.  Squirrel!!

As I write this, Gundy is playing with his foster brother, Joe.  They love to wrestle on the couch, barking and nibbling.  Joe’s personality is great for Gundy cause he is very submissive and calm and thats what he would do best with. Foster dad and I are still amazed at how far he has come since joining Rescue.  Gundy is definitely ready for his forever home.  Could it be you?

1/7/19 Update:  Gundy is doing awesome in his foster home! This 4-year-old is wanting to share his love, playfullness and manners with his forever family. We are so proud of this very intelligent Bulldog boy in his emotional growth since he has been with us. Gundy loves to play with his foster siblings, cuddle with his humans and his favorite is couch time. He is so gorgeous and weighs 64 lbs, walks well on a leash and has an occasional potty accident that we think could get better in a home with more one-on-one time. Gundy loves to please his people and is very food motivated. He would do best in a family without small kids and perhaps a quieter home. You will not be disappointed with Gundy by your side.