Hal was ADOPTED!!! Southern charm did the trick 😀 Hal met his new mommy yesterday and it was love-at-first-wiggle! After showcasing his signature open mouth kisses, and teaching her just the right spot for booty scratches, Hal won Melissa’s heart <3 They had time for a quick photo-shoot and saying goodbyes, then Hal set off on a grand adventure to Iowa to meet his new sister, Fiona. Nothing but love and happy days ahead for this beautiful family!!

Hal is an 8 yr. old male that weighs 55 lbs.

Hal joined rescue today through no fault of his own. When Hal’s family had a member get very ill, they asked a friend to watch Hal. The family never returned and the friend was unable to take care of Hal any longer. Hal is good with other dogs, cats and humans of all sizes. He like to play but is also happy chilling in his crate enjoying so alone time.

7/5/2015 Update: A big ol’ Texas HOWL-DY from our newest rescue, Hal! This boy is a stud-muffin who absolutely LOVES his belly rubbed. Hal had a ruff start, but has adapted quickly to the good life with his foster family. It only took a few days for Hal to realize that although his kennel is a safe place, it is not the only place he’s allowed to go. Slowly he has started venturing outside the caged life, and is quickly learning all about how to play with toys and look cute for treats.

Hal is a mature gentleman with a little swagger to his slow walk, however he moves at puppy speeds when motivated by peanut butter puffs or making a getaway from bath time! Although he didn’t feel a makeover was necessary, having renewed softness to his skin & coat, and actually being able to hear out of CLEAN ears, seemed like a small price to pay for sitting still while surrounded by girly bubbles! After getting so-fresh and so-clean-clean, it was time to show off, so he decided to go on an adventure to the local pet store and do a little shopping. A new harness and lovins from everyone in sight made the store his 2nd favorite place (outside of his pillow-top bed of coarse).

If you have been searching for that perfect cowboy to steal your heart, look no further! Although Hal may act a little shy at first, once you show him that hands are for loving, he will wiggle his whole body with devotion every time you say his name.

7/12/2015 Update: Handsome Hal had quite the adventure this week! After learning that surgery was required to remove his tail (and all the irritation and pain with it!), Hal decided to take his nub on a goodbye tour!  Stop #1: A mini-sun bathing session in the backyard. The summer sun makes spending time outside short and sweet, but its totally worth 5min of wind in his hair and grass under his feet. Then its time for belly-rubs and learning how to use the  ridiculously cute face to get exactly what he wants.  Stop #2: Evening trip to Allen Dog Park. Likely his 1st trip to a public park, Hal stuck close to his Foster momma to ‘check things out first’. After seeing how much fun his foster sister was having, he decided it was time to meet & greet to join in the action! Hal quickly made friends with people and puppies alike. It was exciting to meet so many nice people and spread the word that he’s huggable-kissable-lovable and most importantly ADOPT-a-Bull!  Stop #3: Yumilicious Frozen Yogurt! All that love & attention can really make a boy hungry! Hal spent some time lounging on the patio, enjoying a mini Vanilla FroYo (no sugar added), and wiggling for all the people who stopped for lovin. Car rides home offer perfect opportunities to stretch, smile and sleep…..After a week of fun, it was time to leave his tail behind. Surgery day was slightly scary and afterwards Hal didn’t seem super thrilled about his new rear-end buzzcut, but the all extra attention and cheesy treats (antibiotics/pain meds) are making up for it!

7/18/2015: Hal’s tail surgery was last Friday (7/10), so this week has been full of naps and lots of extra lovin as he recovers. The last few days he’s even brought back that special ‘whole body’ wiggle to show he’s beginning to feel more like himself. To top it off, Hal got his stylish ‘Adopt Me’ gear in the mail this week, and was excited to show off how dashing he looks in his new duds! #CheckMeOutLadies<3 Of course you can’t rock a new outfit without a tan, so mini-sunbathing sessions were on the daily menu when foster mommy came home for lunch! Although Hal still has some healing left to do, he is finding support with his foster sisters.

If he’s 100% honest, Hal would prefer to be a single pup (getting all the attention and belly rubs), but he is fine to share with a buddy as well. Its when you introduce more than one brother/sister that things start to feel crowded and poor Mr. Hal thinks he’ll be forgotten and starts channeling his inner Eeyore (poor guy). However, this handsome fella will stop at nothing to find the right family to love, so he’s keeping his spirits high until he can find that perfect match.

7/25/2015 Update: Mr. Hal is doing MUCH better! Its been 2 weeks since saying ‘good riddance’ to his itchy tail, and Hal is really starting to feel more like himself again. We are going to wait one more week before removing his stitches (give his booty enough time to heal), but he’s finished most of his medicine and is gettin excited about finding his furever family! Every day we see a little more of that wiggle come back, and his constant desire to be close to you and soak up all the lovin will melt your heart (come on, look at that pet me face!). Such a handsome fella with a whole lotta heart, just looking for that perfect companion to cuddle with….are you the lucky family? Fill out an application today!

8/2/2015 Update: Mr. Hal is READY for his furever family! Now that all of his stitches have been removed and his tail is healing so well, Hal feels like a pup half his age! Summer days are filled with pool time fun, galloping in the backyard (just because), investigating everything, chewing on his new favorite toy (the giraffe), and of course the most important activity…NAPPING! Always the charmer, when Hal wants your attention he knows how to work ‘the look’, so prepare your heart to be captured by this southern gentleman <3!