Henry Bee Bee

Henry Bee Bee

Henry Bee Bee has been waiting for this very special day. He knew he needed a family that would spend quality time with him, love him and make him the center of their world. Well, he found just that! He’ll enjoy a wonderful home, an abundance of love, lots of outings and new adventures! He’ll have run of the house and nice big chair that he can call his very own.

With crazy excitement, Henry was ready to start his new life! We packed his dad’s car with his enormously large bed, his great big teddy bear, his many balls, and all of his other toys. Henry had so much baggage, we were a bit worried there may not be room for Henry! But, without hesitation, he jumped right in, found his comfy spot, and was ready to roll! My heart was heavy and a few tears shed, but I knew this was a match made in heaven. Best wishes, sweet Henry Bee Bee. Foster Mom and Pops will always love you!

Henry Bee Bee reporting for duty! My mom has had a lot of things happen lately and just didn’t see how she could give me the time and care she knew I deserved. Plus she is about to be deployed again in the Army Reserves. So as she does her duty, I am preparing to do mine by joining rescue.

I am three years old and in very good health. I am at the clinic for a quick visit and to get caught up on my shots mom couldn’t afford a few months ago. I am neutered and I have had my tail removed. I am so glad all that is over! Ouch!! I get along with everyone, but sometimes I can get a little excited around small children and might accidentally push them down. I only weigh 70 pounds!

So check me out and hurry up and submit that application. You will want to be matched with me!  Don’t shed tears for me as my mommy did this morning. Just adopt me and put me to work protecting your family!