Huckleberry (Now Huksen)

Huckleberry (Now Huksen)

Huckleberry has been adopted! He writes: Yesterday was the day! I officially changed my name to Huksen and left the B & B boot camp. I found my new furever family and moved to Louisiana. I am now living with a wonderful mom, dad and fur siblings, Blitzen and Vixen.

At 7 months old, Huckleberry had heard there was a transport for him and he was leaving his past life behind. He was packed and ready to roll when they arrived.  Huckleberry had never worn a collar and certainly did not know what a leash was for so he bucked like a bronco when it was time to walk. However, when Huck saw there were 2 other bulldogs in the bulldog mobile he was more than eager to load up and start the game of rumble in the back seat.  Huck traveled many hours to get here. Some times he slept, sometime he wanted to help drive, and sometime he played with his new found friends. When Huck arrived at his safe house before transport he was bathed,  had many ticks picked off him, and had a great meal.  Huckleberry’s life began on Thursday and he was one of the lucky ones that now will be someone’s everything—not just another bulldog among many. Much thanks to Traci and Darren who made the trip north again to bring back a precious bulldog named Huckleberry.

5/20/18 Update:  Huckleberry here. I’m a baby and I bounce like Tigger. I’m now in training at what they  call Mr B’s B&B. I just moved here last Saturday. I get along very well with my 3 fur siblings. I had so much fun my first day I could not hold back my bounce & excitement. I am very good in my crate, (no potty issues here in my crate and I do sleep like a baby). I am curious and like to explore. I love rocks! Not a good thing I’m told so I’m starting to get the picture. I can be a little skittish at times but getting comfortable now. I enjoy looking at my reflection in the glass shower doors & enjoy watching TV. I don’t bark,  I love the shower & being brushed. I have my own pool & I love it!  I know the command SIT & NO. I am 99.9 % potty trained as I have had a few accidents in the house. I love all skin people and dogs, can’t say I’ve met a cat yet.  I am on the right path to be your perfect Lovable, Gentle, Sweet, Brindle Boy! Please fill out your application for  me.

5/28/18 Update:  What a great week it’s been! I’ve enjoyed several car rides, the Dallas Pet Expo and a pool party. I’ve been meeting lots of skin folks of all sizes. I even met an 8-week-old baby and foster mom said I was a champ. I have been enjoying my walks and mastered the leash training. I am a puppy with lots of energy that loves play time and cuddle time. I share all the toys and don’t start any fights. I will play a good game of fetch. I can be a mellow guy and just walk away if someone is cranky. I need my nap time after play time because I am still a baby. I listen well and do know what I’m NOT supposed to touch, like shoes. Foster mom says I am a quick learner. I’m curious and just want to be loved and return the love. I am very sweet and give soft kisses on demand and take my treats very gently. I can swim and do enjoy my own pool. I stay away from the big pool, but my ball went in one day and I jumped in after it and swam the length without any help. I got a special treat and had some float time. I haven’t met a cat, but I did chase a squirrel the other day. I watch the bunnies out the window and they don’t really interest me. I am your bouncing brindle baby boy that can jump and run fast when I am in my playful mood. I’m learning that I can’t make a habit of going on the furniture. If you want a good cuddle bug and movie time, I am that sweet gentle guy.

6/4/18 Update:  Huckleberry here at the B & B boot camp. – This week I weighed in at 51 pounds of love and affection, I have settled down some from acting like Tigger. I do still have my bounce but know the rules now. I found my voice this week, its a deep bark that I use on the rare occasion. I am enjoying quality cuddles and go straight to my crate at bed time. I’m not a big eater and enjoy the occasional snack as well as breakfast & dinner. I love ice cubes, watermelon & lettuce. Oh this week I enjoyed an extra spa treatment called a vacuum. Sorry next time perhaps I’ll send a picture of that. It was like a full service massage! Cant wait till next time. Now enough about me let’s get those applications in.