Jodie has been ADOPTED!!!!! Jodie has found her forever home, and boy did she hit the jackpot. She will no doubt be spoiled and have a life filled with love and happiness. And in turn, her new family will be showered with bulldog kisses. Congrats to the entire family.

Jodie is a 3.5 yr. old female that weighs approximately 35lbs.

Jodie joined  Lone Star Bulldog Rescue as an owner surrender. She is good with other dogs and humans of all sizes. Jodie starts her journey to a new forever home in great shape and ready to conquer the world. She is currently at the clinic getting a check-up. She will need to be spayed and then she will be ready to start the next chapter in her life-finding that perfect forever home.

6/7/2015 Update: Jodie is doing fantastic!  She really is just one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  Every day she gets a little better, recovering from some minor skin issues she was having and adjusting to being well-taken-care-of.

She is not much of one for athletics, she is pretty slow moving.  At first, she was deathly afraid of even climbing the steps at my apartment.  There are small gaps between the steps that she could see between, and she is apparently terrified of heights!  After some coaxing and some getting comfortable she now does the steps like a champ.

She is totally comfortable with new people and new animals.  A friend brought over her dog, and Jodie got along with her new dog friend famously.  She doesn’t jump on new people, and is just so excited to get any bit of attention from anyone.  She loves coming over next to you while you are sitting down and just smooshing her face against your leg.

Jodie is really a great dog, she’s definitely deserving of a good family to love her as much as she will love them back!

6/15/2015 Update: Jodie continues to do great.  She is a fantastic dog.  She is very laid back and doesn’t jump or go crazy in the house, but she is also very affectionate.  She does the full-body English Bulldog wiggle when I get home from work.  She also loves to come over and rest her head on your leg.  Her tongue doesn’t quite fit in her mouth, it kind of folds up sideways, which only adds to her cuteness.  And her light brown eyes are really soulful.  Everyone who meets this dog loves he

6/28/2015 Update: Jodie continues to be a delight.  She loves chewing on her kong and will hold it between her paws while she falls asleep.  This week Jodie has really been coming out of her shell.  She has been recovering from surgery on her tail and from getting fixed.  Now that she is feeling better she is just a different dog, so much happier.  Her coat is getting thicker and softer, and she has been just dancing around and wagging her backside all the time.

She also decided she wants to be more social, and anytime anyone is walking within a 20 foot radius of her she just wants to go over and say a polite hello and get a scratch on the head.  She loves everyone she meets, and everyone instantly falls in love with her as well.

7/12/2015 Update: Jodie has been having a busy week – lots of time running around and playing with other dogs.  She’s been extra playful this week and spent a lot of time frolicking and bouncing around the house. She loves to rest her head on your leg and get scratches behind the ears.  Her tongue always makes me laugh in the way it folds in half and doesn’t quite fit in her mouth.  She remains very sweet and will fit in great with whatever family is lucky enough to get her.

If you would like to be that perfect forever home for Jodie, please fill out an application.