Joey has been adopted! From his foster momma: The newly branded ‘Take Me Home Tuesday’ turned out to be an exciting afternoon for our big boy Joe 💚 This GingerStud is officially off the market and living it up with his perfect FurEver Family! Joey spent yesterday morning playing with his foster siblings, getting some final lovins from foster mom & dad, and gathering his stuff for the journey ahead. Although they’d met a few times before, Joe-Joe knew this time was different. His new mom walked in with a shirt that said home, and he just couldn’t believe it. All of his patience had finally paid off, and after 235 days in foster care, Joey had his very own family and was going HOME. He could hardly contain his excitement when he saw the new harness & Cowboys leash just for him! They gave him lots of treats and endless lovins while the paparazzi flashed in the background capturing his most perfect day ever 💚 When it was time to go, Joey practically raced to the car and decided that his rightful place for the victory ride home was shotgun next to mom; dad could hang in the backseat 😉 One final kiss goodbye and they pulled away. No doubt Joey danced with excitement the whole way knowing that unconditional love was in his Happily Forever After story!

At the age of 7-8 Joey was heartbroken when his family loaded him up and took him to the shelter because they thought he was to old and could not see, and was going deaf. Because of the kindness of bulldog loving people they got Joey, bathed him and brought him to rescue. Joey had no problem hearing me unwrap a piece of cheese, and even though he’s a senior he can really run! He will ned a cherry eye surgery in the near future.

12/19/16 Update:  Joey was thrilled that Santa came early for him & for Rescue! There was a bag with his name on it, and he dove in snout first to explore all the amazing things inside. Joey got a soft new bed, lots of comfy blankets to snuggle with, some toys, a new harness (blue-so people know he’s a BOY), some snout butter to soothe his chapped nose, and something called a ‘slow-feeder’, which seems like a brilliant idea because it looks just like a bone and goes in with his food (he literally gets to play with his dinner)! Sending a BIG BULLY thank you to everyone who supports rescue and furbabies like Joey.

2/5/17 Update:  Foster boy Joey is the perfect leg warmer 💙 Can you handle this level of cuteness in your life? The boys were glued to the TV during the Super Bowl, as you can see. Foster boy Joey promises to be your companion during all major sporting events! Apply to adopt a snuggle king or queen today!

2/12/17 Update:  At first Joey, was bummed that he didn’t find his forever valentine back in February, but he soon realized he wouldn’t have been a match for a wine and chocolates kind of family anyways–he’s more of a whiskey and shenanigans kind of boy!! ☘️😜☘️

Joey was excited to let his Irish spirit shine through yesterday, and although he didn’t get to attend the parade, he is raising a ruckus just the same! Have you always wanted a drinking buddy that will listen to your stories with as much enthusiasm the 500th time as the first?! Do you enjoy chilling on the couch and catching up on history channel/science fiction/ESPN marathons?! Do you value quality over quantity and like to keep your circle of friends confined to a chosen few?! Then today truly is your LUCKY day! Joey is a BIG boy who would love nothing more than to be your partner in crime for life! Apply to adopt today, and may the LUCK OF THE IRISH ever be in your favor 👍🏻

*Irish secret: Have you ever wondered what is really at the end of the rainbow? It’s not a pot of gold, but rather a HEART of gold, and it’s contained in this lovable Bulldog, Joey

4/9/17 Update:  Joey is up for adoption! From his foster momma: Joey, aka Joe-meister, The Big Joe, Jo-Jo, SlobberKing and so many other monikers, is now a hefty, happy 82 lbs! When we first met Joey he was just over 60 lbs of loose skin hanging from a bony frame. His ears and eyes were a hot mess, and he had little wounds (bite marks?) all down his legs, under his neck, and around his jaw and ears. We can’t know for sure what he went through between his time at the shelter and eventual release to rescue, but we are grateful for the circumstances that finally brought him here. Joey walks fantastic on a leash, never pulls or darts off, and his long legs allow him to go further than most Bulldogs. He can sit, shake, and will wait until you say it’s OK to eat. Joey sees and hears just fine now that his infections have been properly cared for, but will need a forever home that is focused on up-keep. He gets 1 drop twice daily for dry eye, and his ears need to be cleaned at least once per week to prevent a relapse infection. He has learned to (mostly) sit still for his doggie grooming because he always gets a treat when we’re finished. Joey is a lover. He wants nothing more than to be as close as humanly possible to his people.

Although Joey gets along great with his younger foster brother (also 80 lbs), and older foster sister (an alpha), he NEEDS time to develop trust before meeting new dogs. Joey would THRIVE as an only pup, because he would rather get all the attention anyways, although that is not a requirement for his perfect family. Adopting Joey as a sibling could be a long and dedicated road to build trust, but he is so very worth it! He may be considered a senior in Bulldog terms (7 years young), but this boy has a lot of life and love left in the tank! Joey has long legs, a healthy skin/coat, no observed allergies, and requires only a small daily effort to keep his eyes/ears clean. With his filled-out frame and happy disposition, he still has A LOT of time left for showering you with unconditional love.

4/12/17 Update:  Foster mom decided to work on a Pinterest project as a gift to the host for our upcoming Easter dinner. Joey and his foster brother Tank decided to help, errr, supervise, errr, guard the stove. This silly boy will be your faithful sidekick through every Pinterest win!

6/12/17 Update:  Whiskey Joe here, focusing on my social media presence. I have been relaxing and living the good life in my foster home, but itching (don’t worry – foster mom say’s its nothing contagious), to find my forever family and start loving them already! To help expedite this process, I’ve decided to stick a paw outside of my comfort zone and join Match. Rescue (don’t judge me: senior Bulldogs need love too). I included my profile and would really appreciate you sharing with ALL your friends. I’m sure my perfect match is out there (seriously, who doesn’t love a Ginger Stud?!), but perhaps this will help light a little fire under their rears to come pick me up and get our amazing life together started already!

Somewhat patiently waiting, Joey

6/18/17 Update:  “Joey, silly boy, Sunday is a day for Salvation, not sal-i-vation. Don’t worry bub, I’m sure you’ll get an ‘A’ for effort!” Although Joey is not generally a drooly pup, the thought of finding his forever family has him watering at the mouth (literally)! Won’t you answer his prayers and help him find his very own father to love this Father’s Day? He is keeping his big paws crossed that someone out there is searching for a gentle giant who doubles as a lap warmer, vacuum cleaner and Netflix companion. He promises to be your best bud and shower you (lol) with affection!

6/26/17 Update:  Joey is up for adoption! From his foster momma: Joey is eating up all the extra attention from this week’s festivities! His days have been filled with visiting neighbors & BBQs, lots of excitement & treats at the Rescue Reunion on Saturday, and an action-packed Sunday Funday adventure with the puppy pool! Although he wasn’t too sure about all the new dogs, smells and sounds at the event on Saturday (new makes him nervous), he kept an open mind and did pretty great. Joey was able to force most of the anxiety to the back of his mind because foster momma kept him full of treats & praise!

Joey’s thoughts (as published in the GingerStud Weekly): The reunion was more fun than I thought. All those other pups weren’t so bad, although one or two got too close to my face and I was a little defensive. Overall it was a huge win and foster mom rambled on-and-on about how proud she was the whole drive home! Then Sunday morning arrived and the temperature was so nice that my foster family broke out this strangely shaped, outdoor tub (called it a puppy pool, whatever that is). Then water went everywhere (literally)! I thought the plastic tub was pretty cool, I love baths because I get a full body rub down, but this was something entirely different. There were no massages offered, just some cold water and wet grass, so I said ‘no thank you’ and found myself a shaded patio chair! It was pretty entertaining to watch my foster brother & sister play in the pool and lose their minds over the hose, but for now I’ve decided that I prefer to observe before diving in (pun intended 😉) lol! Looks like the dog days of summer are in full swing around here, so if you’re interested in adopting me, please make your way to the backyard, I’ll be the hot Ginger poolside

7/7/17 Update:  Joe-Joe, the GingerStud, checking in with everyone after that crazy, noise-filled holiday. Did y’all make it through OK? It sounded like the doggie apocalypse around here with all the booms and then again with the storms & thunder! Foster mom tried to keep us calm by drowning out the sounds with TV and radio, but being tucked away in a warm lap is really my ‘comfort zone’ and thankfully foster dad was nice enough to let me borrow his until my forever family finds me. Once I got snuggled in, the rest of the world melted away and I was able to unlock that deep level of sleep Today is a beautiful day though, so I was excited to get outside and soak in some of that morning sunshine. That is until the ‘puppy paparazzi’ arrived again (aka foster mom). Doesn’t she know yet that my morning face is not when I’m at my cutest? She was also RUDE and made me sit in my own chair for a little while, but don’t worry, a little stink eye followed by my irresistible charm fixed that right up and I was back lapping it up (literally) in no time.

I’ll be honest and admit that it gets hard not to be discouraged sometimes, waiting for that perfect match to come along. I know I’m considered more of a seasoned gentleman than a young pup, but I have way more patience to offer than those young whipper-snappers anyways! I know exactly where to do my business, I never chew on anything that’s not one of my toys, I always finish my meals without so much as a crumb going wasted, I know some cool tricks (see video evidence), I always walk easy right by your side, although kitties are curious creatures to me I leave them be, I have a lush ginger coat that is soft like a rabbit (per my foster mom), I am low-maintenance (just ask that you keep my eyes & ears gunk free), and overall, offer 94lbs of unconditional love & affection on the daily 💚 Really, what more can you ask for? Until my perfect family realizes what they’ve been missing, I am good with hanging out here at the foster pad, the people here are pretty cool, I guess…..Joey

7/23/17 Update:  oey, the GingerStud, checking in and wishing everyone a happy Hump Day! It’s been a hot one so far this week, with temps expected to turn triple digits all weekend, so Joey has been keeping it cool by staying in the shade and off the ground when possible during outside adventures. It’s such a tough job remaining this handsome in the sweltering heat, but someone’s gotta do it! Here’s some eye candy for all the ladies out there