Jolene Bell

Jolene Bell

You won’t believe what happened this past weekend… I was ADOPTED! You can call it lucky, but I call it destiny. Why? Because my forever mom has my same last name. She’s a Bell too. I have a new fur brother named Stannis, he’s a Bulldog too and we get along perfectly…. as long as he knows that I like to just chill on the couch and get snuggles. I am so happy and ready for new adventures with my new family.

My name is Jolene Bell and I found myself lost in a blowing snowstorm in the city last winter. Kasi found me and took me to her nice warm home. She even located my owner, but they said they didn’t want me any more. So I was going to live out my days with Kasi, whom I was beginning to love. 

But then Kasi fell on hard times for her and her children and lost their home. She could no longer care for me, so she contacted rescue. She had friends who wanted me, but they knew nothing about taking care of an older bulldog like me, and she knew I deserved the best.

I am around eight years old, but still in pretty good shape. I have been getting Cytopoint shots to help with my allergies every few weeks. I get along great with people and other dogs. We had a cat, and I got along with her most of the time. I just didn’t like it when she tried to steal some of my food. I am house trained and leash trained. 

I am off to meet Dr. Larsen, and I hear she likes big gals like me. After I get all checked out I will begin looking for a new family who will love me like Kasi and be able to take care of me forever.

2/22/22 Update:  She’s incredibly smart and has caught on to our daily routine faster than any other foster dog we’ve had in the past. 

You’d think that with a senior dog she would require a lot more than a younger Bulldog. Wrong! She’s easy peazy. She takes her meds and we don’t have to hide them with food. She goes outside to potty easily and taps on the door when she’s ready to come in the house. 

She has learned to go up and down steps SLOWLY, as she has arthritis.  She is very independent and does not like to be carried. Did I mention that she’s a world class snuggler?  

2/28/22 Update:  I think I finally got these humans trained. They just didn’t know how important meatball treats are when trying to maintain my bully hips. 

I receive guaranteed couch time upon first waking and also get to spend most of the weekdays relaxing in Foster Mom’s office. I allow her breaks to type things into her computer, but mostly, I am getting cheek and head scratches. 

After such a hard day, I make sure Foster Mom sets up our couch so I can watch TV. Then I snuggle up to her and wrap my paws around her waist for an evening long hug. 

Have a great week everyone. And don’t worry, these foster parents are coming along nicely until I have my forever family!

3/12/22 Update:  Foster Mom has a tendency of being a stage 5 clinger. I’m the kind of gal that comes to you when snuggles, hugs and kisses are wanted. 

Dr. Larsen recommended I lose a bit of weight to lighten the load on my joints. I am happy to announce I lost a few pounds and I am now more mobile. I am very independent. I walk up and down the stairs all by myself without any issues. I also enjoy short walks around the neighborhood. To celebrate my weight loss, I dominated my photo shoot with my newly visible hips.