6/7/2015 Update: Jonah was ADOPTED today!!! He joins Noah to take a family of 2 to one of 4. Both boys love one another and there new family. Congrats to all.

Jonah is a 6 month old  and weighs approximately 40 lbs. He loves all dogs, adults and kids. He is a bundle of joy that comes with all the normal puppy energy.

Jonah, along with three of his siblings, was found on the streets of Waco not long ago. The bad news for Jonah was that he had separated from his three siblings and was found wandering all alone. But that’s all history. The good news for him is that he gets a second chance at life by going from homeless to rescue to your home. And the good news for his forever family is that they get to enjoy this mixed-bully’s awesome aqua-colored eyes and loving personality!

Like some of his other siblings who have been rescued from the streets in Waco, Jonah is suffering from a case of demodex  mange, but already, he is on the road back to healthiness! His foster mom says that in the short time that she has had him, his skin has already improved greatly thanks to three baths a week, and once that is under control, Jonah will be neutered and ready to go!

As far as his temperament goes, he is curious, playful, and loving. He gets along great with other dogs, though he can be a little skittish at the loud and spontaneous barks of the large dog next door. He has gotten a bit shy when around big, unfamiliar groups of people and dogs, but his foster mom plans to test that out a bit more. Meanwhile, Jonah’s foster mom is also working on crate, leash, and house training, and is making solid steps along the way. Though he isn’t yet perfect, he’s making valuable steps, and his foster mom is helping him along (she describes him as “a smart boy”)!

Jonah also has two pretty cool things working for him. First, he’s at the ripe young age where he is starting to understand what toys are, and what he is supposed to do with them. Watch out stuffed animals, bones, and all things squeaky—Jonah is coming for you! And second, Jonah is a mix between bulldog and a spaniel of some sort—he has a longer snout, floppy ears, and a longer build than many bulldogs, but he’s also got that familiar wrinkly bulldog face and stout chest.

With all this energy of his, he is not at all aggressive and has the potential to just be laid back and chill out. He has a real knack for human love and attention; his foster mom says “even if it is just sitting, he is just so loving. He wants to be touched and he should have the chance to be loved.” (One look at the guy, and that shouldn’t be a hard demand to meet!) Because of his energy, playful attitude, and affectionate nature, his foster mom recommends an active home for Jonah, at which someone can be home with him

5/10/2015 Update: Jonah is doing wonderful. His skin is looking much better and his hair is starting to grow back. He is getting better at taking baths and seems to feel so much better after one, that I think he understands it helps him. He is eating better too, his appetite has increased and he will try to clean his foster siblings bowls if you let him. Jonah is learning manners and is still working on housetraining. He will do well for several days and then will have an accident. He wants to be where ever his humans are and can get under foot easily. He is a sweet boy and really tries to please, so working with him is not difficult. He is learning to play and tries to get his older siblings to join him, but they don’t seem to interested in joining him. He has found that feet are exceptionally fun to play with. this making putting on socks somewhat difficult with Jonah around. .Jonah goes back to the clinic to have his skin rechecked and to discuss neutering. Jonah is just one big happy puppy that is going to grow into a big love bug.

5/17/2015 Update: Jonah had a good week. He is doing much better walking on a leash and now sleeps in a crate a night with most nights remaining pretty quiet. He is still working on mastering potty training, we are mostly there, but do have an occasional accident at night. He saw Dr. W this past week. Jonah will stay on his medication for a little bit longer but has been cleared to be neutered. Jonah’s skin is looking great and his attitude is all puppy. He loves the squeaky ball and is content to play with it by himself bud does play fetch to some degree. Jonah has a meet and greet this week, so everyone please keep their fingers and paws crossed.

5/31/2015 Update:Jonah had a good week even though he was neutered on Tuesday! He did very well and it only slowed him down somewhat for the first day or so. Then back to the nutty pup that he is. He makes us laugh because when he runs there is nothing on him that is not in motion and it is a spectacle to see if you can imagine! He as an all clear from Dr. W. and his new family is planning on this next weekend for picking up Noah and Jonah together so they can start their life together again with a new family that will love them like they should be loved! I am so happy that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. Seeing them together with their new family was such a sight and it was apparent that they definitely remember each other. They will be well taken care of and happy together. Here is a couple of pix with Noah and Jonah seeing each other again and meeting their new family. Also a before and after of Jonah! It is amazing what a transformation a little time, effort and loving can do! He is mostly housebroken except when it is raining and he doesn’t want to go out…but most of the time he will. He will sleep in a crate for most of the night but does wake up early to go out and he will let you know he is ready. He can be quite vocal, when it comes to going out, playing or eating. If you are not fast enough with the food he gets to whining and a bit impatient, but not aggressive at all. He is a sweet, but hard headed boy.