Karli has been adopted! It was a match made in Bulldog heaven when Karli met her mom and dad. Karli was rolling on the floor, wiggling, jumping and she was ready to go home. Marc and Alessandra are no strangers to rescue and they were just as excited to take Karli home. Karli will want for nothing now and she will be spoiled rotten. We’re excited to see many more pics and updates from this great couple, as Karli blends in and becomes a wonderful new family member!

My name is Karli and I am only 2 years old. Everybody keeps telling I am beautiful and sweet, so it must be true.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My old family had some things going on so they gave me to another family for me to live with them and their girl Bulldog. I learned something about myself there that I’m not real proud of it. But these rescue people said they would help me with it. I’m a little bit of a diva. I like all the attention and I expect everyone to be nice and do things my way. When my new fur sister got upset with me, I couldn’t help myself, and I got upset with her. I have since discovered I react like that to other dogs. If they are nice, I’m nice. I just have to learn to be nice to them even if they are not nice to me. Just release it and let it go!

I am in great health, but I am recovering from a bad UTI. I will be hanging out at the clinic to learn how to get along with other dogs who don’t like me. I also need to be spayed and checked out. I sure hope there is someone out there reading this who might like to have a gal just like me. I love belly rubs, walks and snuggles on the couch.

9/17/18 Update:  Karli continues to be a little bit of a wild child. She is not a fan of being cooped up so much. So when she gets a chance to run and act crazy, she takes full advantage of it. She has ripped a few stitches, but is almost healed. She is also recovering from a UTI, but you would never know anything is wrong if you spend some time with her. She absolutely loves her people, but she would prefer not to have to share them with other pets.