Katie Jo

Katie Jo

There are days in rescue when you wonder why you do what you do. There are others days that remind you why and that you are doing the right thing. Today was one of those very special days.

Katie Jo has been in rescue for a while and spent most of her time in boarding. It just seemed like no one was interested. Then came Susan and Bret. They corresponded with their adoption coordinator and honed in on Katie. I had visited Katie and played with her some in the past. So I picked her up yesterday, took her by the clinic for a quick checkup and brought her home. I had forgotten how sweet and playful she could be. 

Today she was beyond excited in meeting her new family. She ran to the door when they arrived and acted like she knew they were here to take her home. She immediately showered them with slobbery kisses and clung to them. Shortly before they left, Bret went outside to the car for a minute. Katie acted like she was crushed that he left without her. When they did leave, she took her place between them, walked down the driveway and hopped into the back seat as soon as he opened the door. She knew she was where she was meant to be.

Safe travels and sweet dreams baby girl. Long over-due, but well deserved!

There is no need in going too far back with my story, so let’s just cover the past few days. My name is Katie Jo and I am 5 years old. I was bought by a family, but after just one day they said their son was allergic to me so I had to stay outside. I can’t believe anyone would be allergic to a beautiful Bulldog like me. Maybe he is allergic to yeast. I have yeast every place a girl can get it! Anyway, they called someone, who called someone, who called someone, and finally this nice lady picked me up and took me home with her. She gave me some wonderful baths over the weekend and made me feel much better. She then called these rescue people and here I am!

I have a nasty skin infection on my belly, both ears are infected, my deep tail pocket is infected, I need entropion surgery and I need to be spayed. So I would say I’m in pretty good shape. Give me a few days at the clinic and I’ll be ready to forget that boy with his allergies, and I come sit in your lap. Oh, and I absolutely love belly rubs and belly tickles!

5/7/18 Update:  Hey Bulldog Peeps; it’s me Katie Jo checking in from a spa habitat!  No, not really, I’ve been having some medical procedures taken care of that some ladies have done. You know, a little nip-tuck here and there.  And you can tell by the pictures the area that needed a little attention! I am not ashamed to admit I needed some attention “back there” and I feel like a brand new lady, pain free, and glad to be!  Now, all that is missing is my family.  I need a family that is “fur free” but if you have kids that is a huge plus. I love kids.  I am 100% crate trained, and I can be trusted running loose in the house. I am not a big chewer at all, I am more interested in being with my family than chewing on toys. I love a small “kiddie-pool” and when you fill that thing up, I hop right in .  I am ready to go. All I need is for someone to send in an application who wants to make me part of there family. Remember, I am not a fan of other fur, but I am huge fan of families.

5/15/18 Update:  By the time I met this little cutie, it was getting a little warm out. KJ has to stir the water with her paw to mix it up before drinking. She didn’t seem to crave a lot of attention but I followed her around anyway loving on her when I could.