Kevin Gill

Kevin Gill

I found my furever home today! A wonderful couple was looking for a sweet boy just like me. Without hesitation, I jumped in the car and we were off to start our new life together. They told me about their shopping trip. New toys, good food and treats, new bed and more wait for me. I feel very special. Thank you, rescue, for finding just the right family for me.

There were several dogs where I used to live and we all lived outside. 

Our owner would just throw out some food and it was a free-for-all. It was every dog for himself, and I guess I was not assertive enough. The other dogs got most of the food and I got the leftovers. That is why I am so thin. I only weigh 36 pounds.

Some of the dogs told the owner we were not happy. He said if we were not happy we could just go live in the shelter. Best decision he ever made!

I’m just under 3 years old, but I’ve never really been socialized or taught how to behave around other dogs or people. I’m very shy and afraid. It takes a while for me to warm to you and trust you. 

The only bad thing about leaving the shelter is that, after a few days, I finally had warmed up to a lady there. We became friends. I don’t think I’ve ever had a human friend before. She told me I would make all kinds of friends now.

I’m sure if someone is just patient and gives me some time and space, I will become their new best friend. I am so excited to leave that yard and those dogs and join rescue. Best day of my life!

4/18/22 Update:  In my foster home, I have a  buddy to play with, a soft bed and a foster mom who cooks for us. This is the life for me. I’m a happy fellow, so I’m not going to mess this up. No more hunger pains for me! 

I’m a great jumper, but I haven’t tried the couch yet. The resident Bulldogs seem to like it. 

If you are looking for a well-mannered, handsome fella to join your family, I may be your perfect match!