Hi. I’m Kevin. I’m new to the online matching sites, but thought I would give it a try after speed dating didn’t go as planned (it’s not my fault I fell asleep).

For those interested (and how could you not be – have you seen my tongue?!), I’m a five year old, 60 pound ball of love who likes long naps on the couch, chewing on bones, and just wants to be part of your pack! To see if I’m the dog for you, check out my online adopting profile below and soon enough we can be snuggled up on your couch.

What words describe you best:
My foster mom says I am submissive, happy, family-oriented, mellow, easygoing, extremely loving, and ridiculously handsome. Aww shucks, mom, you’re not too bad either!

What I’m doing with my life:
Prior to coming into rescue, I was living with a very loving family who fell on some hard times and unfortunately had to surrender me so I could have a better life (hopefully with you…wink wink). I enjoy being with my pack and am hoping to find another family where I can be in the company of others.

I’m really good at:
Not peeing in the house (my humans say I’m housetrained, but I don’t know what that means)
Getting along with other dogs thanks to my laid back and easy going attitude
Playing with kids
Not exhibiting any signs of aggression
Kissing on the first date
Letting you rub my belly

The first thing people usually notice about me:
My big rope! But, I should warn you – being this beautiful isn’t easy. I need a family that is familiar with some of the basic bully needs, like keeping my rope clean and keeping me from getting overheated.

What I’m looking for in a potential family:
Since I came from a loving family, I am hoping to find another family that will love me just as much as they did – and then some. In return for some food, a nice bed to sleep in, and the occasional belly rub, I promise to give you the happy ever after we both deserve.