Our girl, Khloe, aka, Brisket, Khlo-Khlo, Sweet Cheeks has been adopted!!  She will now be known as Kho-Kho.  Cute, huh?  This beautiful girl now has two skin sisters that cannot wait for their next school break to meet their new fur sister and a sweet feline sister.  Nothing but good reports on the four-leggeds getting along.  This adoption was bitter sweet for this foster mom and foster dad.  We know that she will never want for anything and be the princess she is meant to be with her soft blankets, beds and toys, but we will miss her sweet little soul in our house.  Happy tails, Brisket girl…we will never forget you!!


Please welcome Khloe to our rescue family. This 6-year-old owner surrender is dog- and kid-friendly. Stay tuned for more details!

5/29/16 Update:  Khloe just joined her foster family yesterday and we are already in love with her. She is 6 years old, about 65 pounds, crate trained and just about house trained. She knows what to do when she goes outside, but she has had a couple of accidents in the house. I know she will get it. She has no toy or food aggression and is such a sweetheart. She is getting along great with her foster siblings, too. Khloe is still a little shy with us, but I know she is happy with her little butt wiggle and a tail that never quits moving. Khloe’s entropion sutures will come out in ten days.

6/13/16 Update:  Khloe had a great week and is just pure joy to foster. She loves her people, naps, chewing on a good toy and more naps. This little girl does not hit the ground running in the morning. She chooses to meander out of her crate on Khloe time. But watch out, because when she does get excited and decides to run, it’s about the cutest thing you have ever seen. There is not an aggressive bone in her body, getting along swimmingly with her foster sisters. Khloe is doing awesome with her house training, running to the back door when it’s time to do her business. We love this little girl and she deserves the absolute best.

6/27/16 Update:  Klo Klo! Khloe girl is just about the most perfect Bulldog. She is house trained, crate trained and gets along perfectly with her foster sisters and brother. As you can tell, the girl does love to eat. With it being so hot, walks are just about non-existent, which means she still needs to drop a couple of pounds. But hey, she’s cool with her full figure! Khloe is a loving girl that just wants to spend time with her people, snuggling and chewing on her bone right next to you, making sure her paw is touching you just a little bit.

7/10/16 Update:   Khloe, AKA Brisket, had a fabulous week. Sunning herself, playing and just being plain adorable was how her week was spent. Khloe continues to be the perfect house guest and a favorite with everyone. I think she may be the easiest foster that we have ever had. Well, with the exception of her not hitting the ground running in the morning and she wants to lay out in the sun much longer than she needs to… not too shabby, if you ask me! I wouldn’t mind having those “faults.” We know her forever family is out there and oh, how lucky they will be!

7/18/16 Update:  Khloe, Brisket, Klo-Klo and Honey Bear… she will answer to all of these endearments, especially if you have a treat! She continues to be just about the easiest house guest we have ever had the pleasure fostering. She is a simple girl with simple needs. A great bed, soft blankets, cuddles and some good grub. Khloe is a happy, happy Bulldog that has about the best little tail wiggle this foster family has seen. And when she runs toward you? Forget it! If she doesnt make you smile and giggle, well, I don’t know what will. She would do best in a family with older kids, as she is a large girl that could bowl over some toddlers and young ones. She also can play a little rough when she gets excited and “mouths,” which could hurt some tiny fingers. She just doesn’t know her size. I think she thinks shes the size of a chihuahua.

Could you be the special family that she is looking for?

8/21/16 Update:  Khlo-khlo had another wonderful week. There is just so much to love about this girl. She is house trained, no food or toy aggression, loves to follow you around or just loves to chill and take a nap, preferably next to you. She gets along great with her foster sisters, but not so much her foster brother. She is all about girl power! It has been a strange phenomenon on getting her to drop a couple of pounds, so foster mom loaded her up in the car and off we went to the doc. Good news is, no thyroid problems! Bad news? Diet food! And of course, she turns her nose up to green beans and other veggies. Thankfully, the temperatures are more Bully-friendly now, so we have been going on some walks. But when this girl is done walking ~ she is done! We love this little clown and she is going to make a family so happy to add her to their pack.