On Friday, Lenny’s dream came true and he met his forever family.  It was love at first sight on both sides.  Lenny quickly discovered that his new mom loves to give butt scratches and cuddle and that his new dad loves to play around.  What more could a boy want?  Lenny also loves car rides and his forever family is more than happy to take him along for the ride whenever they can.  Lenny spent many weeks in the clinic recovering from being sick and then recovering from multiple surgeries and procedures.  His family was matched to him while he was recovering at the clinic and they patiently, well as patiently as possible, waited for him to get the green light to be released.  Once that happened they planned their travel and drove up from Austin to bring their baby boy home.  Since they have been home they report that Lenny is doing just amazing and settling in perfectly.  Lenny enjoys going on outings with his family and sleeping in his new cushy bed!  We couldn’t be happier for this boy and his new family that definitely hit the bulldog jackpot with this very special boy.

Do you want to see what a real South Texas Bulldog looks like? Well, just look at the sweetest mug you have ever seen! Yep, it’s me, Lenny! I’m a 3 year old stud muffin. But I am also as sweet as a muffin.

I was roaming the streets and taken to a shelter where these nice people contacted rescue. I got to ride in two different cars today and come all the way to North Texas Sure looks a lot different here from the Bayou Country where I lived. But I have met the nicest family and they are taking care of me for the weekend and then off to the vet Monday.

I don’t want them to touch this handsome face, but I do need a little work done. All these wrinkles scratch my eyes, so I am getting an eye lift! I will get everything else checked out and soon be ready to find my forever adoptive home. I wonder if I would be a good match for your family?

8/20/18 Update:  Lenny will need some surgery to open his eyes more. He may need some tail work, but doc thinks packing it for now and getting him to gain some weight will help. The pictures make him look big, but it is just all big wrinkled head. He weighs 54 pounds. But he is too skinny, especially in his back end. He has several bald spots and he has those callouses on his knees and elbows from living on concrete. Being penned up and the lack of exercise is why his hindquarters are so small and lack muscle. He spent a day or two last week in a shelter so the incubation time is about right for kennel cough to appear. And sure enough he started coughing and his nose running about noon today. So he is in isolation. So she will not be able to do any surgeries for 7-10 days. Oh, and he needs to be neutered. And one testicle never descended so she gets to go find it! Being a vet is so interesting!

9/18/18 Update:  You have not seen much of me lately. And I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to see me now. This lady said I reminded her of Frankenstein because of all the stitches on my face and head. But I’m hoping these will serve as great “before” pics. I’ll be beautiful soon!

I had so many heavy wrinkles on my face, they hung over my eyes and blinded me. So they gave me an eye lift by removing some skin above my eyes and pulling everything up. But my wrinkles were so big and heavy, it didn’t help much. So I just got a face lift by removing some skin on the top of my head, between my ears. So this time they pulled everything up!

And guess what? I can now see! And you can see my eyes. I never knew there was such a wonderful world out there. I like to just sit around and watch people walk by. I love to go outside and play. Everyone talks about how different I look and how more outgoing I am. Hey, it makes a difference when you can see!