6/7/2015 Update: Levi was ADOPTED today!!! Levi found out about Noah and Jonah’s adoption party and thought he needed to crash. So, he gathered up his forever Dad and crashed the party is exactly what he did.  After about 30 minutes of mingling among the crowd he quickly wore himself out and was ready to go home and crash on the couch. Levi joins 4 fur brothers at his new house and is loving his new life.

Levi is approximately 6 months old and weighs 35lbs and growing. He loves all dogs and people. He is full of energy and loves to explore his world.

5/10/2015 Update: Levi had another great week. Today marks 4 weeks in the lap of luxury with LSBRC. Levi has adapted well to life with 4 Foster brothers. It’s apparent that with every passing day, he feels better. As he feels better he finds more energy to get into more things around the house. The recent rain has meant two things: total refusal to go outside when there is even a hint of rain and LOTS of napping on the couch. Levi goes to the clinic for a 30 day check-up this week.  His skin is responding well to the medication and the medicated baths. He has a nice layer of peach fuzz growing. Levi is definitely enjoying his new adventure toward being the bulldog he was meant to be.

5/17/2015 Update: Levi had another great week. He continues to gain weight and growing like a weed. .  He went to the clinic this week and all looks good. Dr. W didn’t find any mites but wants to keep him on his medication a few more weeks to help his immune system garn additional strength. Levi got the green light to get neutered and that will be scheduled for the week of 5/25/2015. Once he is neutered he will be joining his forever family.  Levi loves to lie in the sun, and now that he has more fur he can do so without worrying about sunburn. Levi also likes to play hide and seek. he isn’t very good at it though, he thinks that if he can’t see you, then you obviously can’t see him (which is never the cast). He loves to play in the yard, go for walks and lay on the couch with his foster dad.

5/31/2015 Update: Levi had a “good” week. In his mind the good would have been great if he didn’t have to have been neutered. With that said, the neutering went well and barely slowed him down. He was a little sluggish the first night, but after that he was back to full form.  He loved the rein this week, not better than sloshing around in any mud he can find.  This made for a very challenging week since he could not have a bath because of his surgery. Needless to say, we went through A LOT of baby wipes this week.  Levi was cleared for adoption and will be joining