Lilly (Nola)

Lilly (Nola)

Lilly was ADOPTED!!!! Lilly was so excited on her Adoption Day and going home with her Furever Mom and Fur Sisters Tina and Sofia.  Debra….a previous adoptive parent from LSBCR fell in love after Lilly had a play date with Debra and her two bulldogs.  Lilly who is now named “Nola”  played hard with her future sisters to the point of pure exhaustion.  Congrats to the entire family.

Lilly is a 13 month old female that weighs 50lbs.

Lilly joins LSBCR as an owner  surrender.  She is a beautiful girl that was well taken care of her entire life. She will be going to the clinic for a check-up and to get spayed. From there she will be joining her foster family to begin her search for her new forever home. This beautiful flower should have no trouble at all, any family would be lucky to have her.

7/26/2015 Update: Lilly just joined our household Wednesday afternoon and is starting to come out of her shell and is gaining confidence. In typical bulldog fashion she is starting to boss me around!  It is believed that she actually isn’t even 2 years.  I can believe it because she is very much a puppy!

Three days later I have a totally different puppy!  Playful, active and curious about everything.  She is now in my face with lots of kisses and grabbing my hand with her mouth to get me to pet her. She is figuring out what toys are and having a bit of a go at some playtime.

She has been a very good girl and has not had any accidents in the house.  She has already figured out where the back door is and will sit by it when she wants outside.  She sleeps in her crate all night long without any accidents and runs immediately to the back to in the morning.  She is good with other dogs as long as they are nice to her.  She will not be bossed around or picked on and if they do….she gives it right back.  She has done great with Foster Siblings Gordon and Gracie.  But Foster sister Piglet immediately picked on her and they have expressed a mutual hate for each other ever since.

Lilly was spayed on Tuesday and will be on medical hold until her stitches come out in a week.  She can’t wait because she is more than ready to jump and play!!!  I believe that she would probably be wonderful for a family where she will have people that will play with her and shower her with lots of love and attention.

8/4/2015 Update:Lilly has been coming out of her shell slowly but surely.  She is my little shadow and is full of confidence.  No accidents in the house or in the crate.  When she wants outside she will go and sit by the back door.  She still just doesn’t know what to do with the toys….she’s never had them.  Lilly is a VERY smart little puppy and will be a perfect kiddo for someone who is going to take some time to give her a little bit of manners training and a whole lot of loving.

Lilly has only one thing to say about her furever home.  She says she really really hopes her furever family has a baby pool!!!